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If you’re familiar with a place, you can provide feedback that helps Google Maps decide whether to change a place's information. Learn how to suggest edits to a place in search results
To qualify for a Business Profile on Google, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours or an unstaffed transaction must take place at a particular locale. Online-only businesses are not eligible for Google Business Profiles.
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The address listed on the Utility Bill should correlate with the address of the Business Profile
The name listed on the Utility Bill should correlate with the name of the Business Profile
Unfortunately, online-only businesses aren't eligible to have a Google Business Profile. Continue to Merchant Center instead to verify your online store, enter shipping details and add your products to Search, Maps, Youtube and more.
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The methods of verification offered are automatically determined and these cannot be changed. Please try to verify using the methods available. We may not be able to verify you if you can't verify via one of the methods available in your Business Profile.
You may occasionally be asked to verify again after making an edit. Please try to verify using the methods available before contacting support.
If you have requested a postcard, please allow 14 days for it to arrive before contacting support. If you're expecting a pin via email, please check your spam folders.
If you do not have a website, enter N/A
This email address should be listed on the business website or have the same domain as the business website
This email address should be listed on the business website or have the same domain as the business website.
In order to facilitate your verification request, we will need your consent to share your Google email address and information with either the contact email you have provided or another person associated with the business. *
To provide multiple proofs, use a zip file.

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