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As seen in the Google My Business dashboard.

Find the URL by navigating to and clicking through to the specific page for this listing.


Screenshot showing the URL to copy from the browser address bar


Screenshot showing the URL to copy from the browser address bar

Video verification - (new method that we’re currently trialing only in AU, IN, NZ, UAE, UK, US and Latin America: BR, CL, CO, CR, EC, MX, NI, PA, PR, VE)
You’ll video chat with one of our specialists from your workplace or your vehicle.
  • Workplace - Show us where you get your work done. We’ll ask to see your workspace, your business logo, and the tools you use for your work. If you meet customers on the premises, we’ll ask to see the areas your customers visit as well.
  • Vehicle - If you deliver goods or services to customers near your business, we’ll ask to see your registered motor vehicle and business logo. If you carry tools or other instruments of your trade in the vehicle, we’ll ask to see them too.
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