Google My Business third-party policy: Report a violation

Use this form to report a third party that you believe violates Google My Business third-party policies.

A “third party” (3P) is an agency that manages business information on Google My Business for a business that they don’t own. These policies apply to any third party (person or organization) that manages a Google My Business location on behalf of their customers, such as a digital marketing agency. If you have an issue with a Google My Business third party, try to resolve the problem with the third party before contacting Google.

If you aren’t able to resolve the issue, notify us with the contact options provided. Our team can investigate violation reports and address areas in need of improvement with the third party directly, if necessary. We do not share the outcome of investigations into third-party violations.

We won’t contact you about this issue unless we need more information to conduct the investigation. 

Note: Google does not intervene on issues related to breach of contract between you and the third party.

Include the supporting information requested in the form, so we can identify and resolve violations as quickly as possible.

Important: Do not include confidential or sensitive information about yourself or the third party.


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