Photo updates

Photo updates let your customers highlight your business with photos they’ve recently taken. 


This experimental feature will roll out in phases to a small percentage of users and businesses through the Google Maps app.

How photo updates work

When customers visit a Business Profile on the Google Maps app, they may have an option to add a photo update, in addition to a review. 

  • Photo updates let customers add individual or multiple photos with or without text.
  • Customers can add multiple photo updates to a business, unlike reviews, which they can only write once.
  • Photo updates are currently displayed in the “Reviews” tab of your Business Profile in the Google Maps app. The photos will display before the optional text. They look similar to reviews but don’t have a star rating.
  • Individual photos from photo updates can also be found in the “Photos” tab on all platforms and devices. 
  • You can reply to photo updates in the Google Maps app in the same way you reply to reviews. Learn how to read and reply to your reviews.
  • At this time, photo updates aren't displayed in the Google My Business website or in the Google My Business app.
  • Businesses won’t be able to add a photo update. Learn how to add photos with posts.
  • Owners or managers of the business won't get notified about new photo updates, but they'll be notified of new photos added to their business.

Report inappropriate photo updates

If a photo update is in violation of Google Policies, you can report it to Google.

Flag a photo update in Google Maps

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Open your Business Profile:
    • In the top right, tap Account Circle Account Circle and then Your Business Profile.
    • Or enter your business name in the search bar.
  3. Tap Reviews.
  4. Find the photo update you want to flag.
  5. Tap More More and then Report a photo update.

If only a particular photo is in violation, you can report it separately from the “Photos” tab of your Business Profile.

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