How Google sources and uses information in local listings

To provide users with the most complete and up-to-date information about places, Google displays local listings that include business listings on Google Search and Google Maps. Google also uses third-party websites and applications via APIs such as those on the Google Maps Platform. Google may also use local listing information to generate insights and leads for enterprise customers.

A variety of sources compile the information in local listings, which include:

  • Publicly-available information, such as crawled web content (e.g., information from a business’ official website)
  • Licensed data from third parties, such as Infobel in Europe
  • Users who contribute factual information (such as addresses and phone numbers), and content (such as photos and reviews). This criteria includes business owners who claim local listings through Google My Business
  • Information based on Google’s interactions with a local place or business

If you believe a local listing is inaccurate or should be removed, you can suggest an edit or flag it for removal. If you believe it should be removed for any other legal reason, please submit a legal request. For further information about how Google processes personal data in the context of local listings, please see Google's Privacy Policy.

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