Food businesses affected by COVID-19

Important: We may review your changes for quality before we publish them, so the changes may delay the updates on Google Search and Maps.

If your food business is affected by COVID-19, update your Google My Business profile to provide the most accurate information to your customers. The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

You can update your profile to:

  • Change your hours of operation
  • Add takeout, delivery, no-contact delivery, or curbside pickup attributes

To make sure your customers have the latest information about your food business:

1. Change your business hours

For businesses with changed hours: If your business hours have changed, update the times when you’ll be open or closed. Your operating hours show when a customer visits your Business Profile, and they’ll know exactly when they can visit your location. If your business is open and offers onsite services, use primary hours to refer to the hours you offer onsite services. Learn how to change your hours.

Tip: If you don’t have dine-in, but have reduced hours for takeout or delivery, you can show the takeout or delivery hours. Learn how to update your dining options.

For temporarily closed businesses: If your business is not permanently closed, but has temporarily stopped providing all services, mark your business Temporarily closed.” When your business fully or partially resumes operations, you can reopen your business.

For businesses with special hours: If your business is open but has adjusted operating hours for specific days, set special hours (rather than mark your business “Temporarily closed”).  Learn how to set special hours.

For businesses with More hours: If your business provides specific services with differing times (e.g. senior hours, delivery, takeout) you can set More hours instead of special hours. Learn how to set More hours.
2. Mark your business as “Temporarily closed”

Important: If you mark your business as “Temporarily closed,” the "Dine-in," "Takeout," "Delivery," or "No-contact delivery" options won’t show on your profile. Food businesses that offer takeout or delivery should not mark the business as “Temporarily Closed.”

You can mark your food business as “Temporarily closed” if you don’t offer dine-in, takeout, delivery, no-contact delivery, or curbside pickup. To mark certain types of places as "Temporarily closed" on Google Search and Google Maps, Google also relies on authoritative data sources, where available. Learn how to mark your business as “Temporarily closed.”

3. Manage your dining options

Important: If you use the Google My Business API, learn how to edit attributes at scale.

Let your customers know whether your food business offers takeout, delivery, no-contact delivery, curbside pickup, or has stopped providing dine-in service. Add or edit the "Dine-in," "Takeout," "Delivery," "No-contact delivery," and "Curbside pickup" attributes on Google My Business. Learn more about how you can edit attributes.

Tip: When customers search for your food business, your Business Profile will prominently show which dining options you currently support: “Dine-in,” “Takeout,” “Delivery,” or “Curbside pickup.” Supported options will have a “✓” and non-supported options will have an “x.” These options display prominently only after you update the "Dine-in" attribute to True or False.

4. Add Health and Safety attributes
Use attributes to let customers know about the safety measures in place at your business. Safety measure attributes include:
  • Masks required for customers or staff
  • Temperature checks required for customers or staff
  • Appointments or reservations required
Learn how to add or edit your business attributes.
5. Update your menu
If you reduced your selection, or have deals or specials to attract customers, update your menu. Learn how to update your Menu URL or menu data.
6. Create a post

Important: Posts that include a phone number may be rejected.

Use posts to communicate directly with your customers and share more detail and timely updates about what’s new with your food business. Learn how to create a post.

You can add: 

  • Information about temporary closures or reduced hours.
  • Menu items or deals you offer.
  • Safety precautions your business has implemented such as tamper-proof packaging or sanitation procedures.

Tip: Use the new COVID-19 post type on Google My Business so that COVID-19 content appears in an even more relevant way to your customers.

7. Connect with your customers

Download the Google My Business app and turn on messaging so your customers can reach you. You can use messaging to provide your customers with the support they need when you’re not reachable by phone or after your business hours. Learn how to turn on messaging in the Google My Business app.

Tip: Draft an automatic welcome message to let customers know your business status.

8. Accept food orders online

Restaurants based in the US can easily accept online food orders for pickup directly from customers. The, which is now part of Google, builds you a customized ordering site so customers can order available menu items right from your website, Google Search, Google Maps, and more. Currently, its per-order fee is waived to support restaurants as they navigate COVID-19 challenges. Sign up with The

You can also get access to online orders for takeout or delivery directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or the Google Assistant. To get access, you must sign up with an authorized third party provider. This feature is available to restaurants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, and the United States. To get started, use the merchant interest form

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