Get started with Google My Business for healthcare providers

Healthcare providers like doctors, therapists, and other medical practitioners can use Google My Business to claim and manage their practice’s info. GMB offers the option to add details about services like telemedicine and personalize your Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps.

From a verified GMB account, owners and administrators of practices can engage with and update current patients, and attract potential new patients.

Learn how to sign up for Google My Business.

Choose the info patients find in your Business Profile

  • Manage information like business hours and phone numbers.
  • Add links to book online appointments and virtual care.
  • Add health services offered, like house calls, diagnostics, and procedures.
  • Engage with patients.
  • Post high-quality photos to show patients what to expect before they arrive. Add educational pictures and diagrams to help them learn more about what types of health services you provide.
  • Control access to your business profiles with location groups.

How patients find your info

When patients search for a healthcare provider on Google, your Business Profile may appear in their search results. Factors like search relevance, distance, and your practice’s prominence determine whether your information appears in a search.

The information your Business Profile displays for your practice may include:

  • Website
  • Directions
  • Phone number
  • Customer reviews
  • Photos
  • Short summary of your business

A verified Google My Business account helps control the number of duplicate Business Profiles that display for your business. Although most duplicates will be resolved in the bulk verification process, you can also flag business profiles for removal.

Manage your Business Profile

Verify your business and take ownership of account access
 Add virtual care & appointment links
Important: This feature is available in the US and displays on mobile only.

Practices can add an “Online care” attribute. This attribute lets patients easily find your Business Profile on Google when they search for care options.

You can add links for virtual care and appointments to direct patients to those pages on your website or your practice’s profile on a 3P virtual care site.

We use many different sources to collect information about what a business offers. If you find the links or attributes for your practice are incorrect, learn how to edit them.

Tip: If you have a single page for both virtual care and to book appointments, fill in both links. To remove links from your profile, clear the link field.
Manage insurance info for your practice

Important: Insurance information is available for select merchants in the US only. It displays for merchants whose insurance availability is provided to Google.

On your Business Profile on Google Search, under your business’s hours, a “Check insurance info” link might display. We automatically include this link if we identify insurance availability through our third-party provider. The link opens an “Insurance information” page that lists the health insurance providers your business accepts.

Remove insurance information

To remove these details, send the Google Health team feedback. It may take up to 3 business days for the team to take action.

On mobile:

  1. On your phone, use Google Search to go to your Business Profile.
  2. Under your business’s hours, tap Check insurance info.
  3. At the bottom, tap Send feedback.
  4. Type your feedback into the form.
  5. Tap Send Send.

On desktop:

  1. On your computer, use Google Search to go to your Business Profile.
  2. Under your business’s hours, click Check insurance info.
  3. At the bottom of the popup window, click Send feedback.
  4. Type your feedback into the form.
  5. Click Send Send.

Tip: You can include a screenshot in your feedback.

Add services offered

Practices can list their services on their Business Profile on Google. The services editor is available if you don't already have a services list provided by a third party.

You may find an option to add the services you offer, along with their descriptions and prices. To keep your services list organized, group services into sections.

When patients find your profile on Google, they'll find your services listed under "Services."

You can choose what to offer from suggested types of services. If the type of service isn't listed, you can add your own custom services, like “conditions treated,” “house calls,” or “nutrition counseling.”

Learn how to add services.

Update and engage with patients

To increase awareness of your practice and help your patients stay updated and engaged:

  • Create posts: Help keep your patients up-to-date about major health events, new or popular services like telemedicine, and public health and educational messages.
  • Add a site manager: To help manage your Business Profiles, site managers can edit business info and details, manage posts, respond to reviews, post photos and Q&As, and download insights.
Manage your practice's information
Manage your practice's attributes

We use many different sources to collect information about what a business offers. If you find the attributes for your practice are incorrect, contact support to address the issue.

Some attributes, such as “has Wi-Fi” or “Wheelchair accessible,” are editable by the business owner. Learn more about attributes you can edit.

Tip: If you own or manage a doctor’s profile, you can edit your gender information in Attributes .

Set location info if you're within a complex

Important: We can’t guarantee location information will show up when your business is searched.

Some individual providers are in a group office or clinic, or their practice is in a complex, such as a medical building or facility already listed on Google My Business. In this case, you can request to have this information displayed in your Business Profile.

This feature is useful for individual healthcare providers and practices that don’t display signage on the exterior of the building they occupy.

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