Learn about prompts and notifications for potential business owners

If Google predicts that you might be the owner or manager of a business, a prompt will appear in the Business Profile on Search or Maps. The prompt will ask if you own or manage a business.

How prompts work

Google uses various signals from the user’s online activity to decide whether to display the prompt. The signals help Google predict whether someone may be a business owner or manager, or if they're otherwise affiliated with a particular unclaimed business.

 Important: Currently, Business Personalization settings on a Google Account don’t affect this experience.

Manage prompts

Occasionally, Google may ask if you own or manage a business on Search and Maps. When you claim a business on Google, you can find more features to help you grow your business for free, like messaging, Product Catalog, and more. Claim your business on Google.

Only respond "Yes" to these prompts if you’re affiliated with the business. To opt out of seeing this message across all businesses, click Menu Menu or View site information  and then Stop seeing this question.

Manage business listings notifications from the Google Search app
  1. Open the Google Search app Google Search .
  2. Tap More Moreand then Settings.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Scroll to "Business listings."
    • Turn on Business listings.
    • Turn off Business listings.

About Google My Business

You can help customers find your business by managing your information on Google My Business. Learn how to sign up. The information will show when people search for your business on Google Maps or Search.
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