Create a short name & URL for your business

After you verify your business, you can create a short name for your Business Profile to make it easier for customers to find you.

When you share your short name, customers can enter the name’s URL in the browser’s address bar to go directly to your Business Profile. For example, customers can search for '[yourcustomname]' in the address bar to find your business.

This feature is available for most merchants and business categories.

Tip: For bulk users, short names must be claimed for each individual profile.

Create a short name

Important: Short names don't support non-English characters.

Your short name should be associated with your business name or the most common name that people call your business. We recommend that you include your location to make the short name more distinct. You can use your business name with your city or neighbourhood. For example: 'javierscrabhutdallas'.  

Keep your short name simple so it’s easy to promote and customers can remember it. If you have a short name, you’ll get a short URL to request reviews from your customers. Learn more about short URLs for reviews.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google My Business app .
    • If you have multiple locations, go to the location that you want to add a short name for.
  2. Tap Profile and then Add profile short name.
  3. Enter your short name. You can enter up to 32 characters.
    • If your name isn’t available, you’ll receive an error message and must choose a different name. Try an abbreviation or include other descriptions, like your location. You can also pick another word that describes your business or brand.
    • Short names cannot contain Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters.
  4. Tap Save. Your short name will display as pending. When it’s ready, you can find it on your Business Profile.

Change your short name

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google My Business app .
    • If you have multiple locations, go to the location that you want to change a short name for.
  2. Tap Profile and then Edit
  3. Remove your short name and create a new one. Then, tap Apply.

Delete your short name

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google My Business app .
    • If you have multiple locations, go to the location that you want to remove a short name for.
  2. Tap Profile and then Edit.
  3. Remove your short name. Then, tap Apply.

Report a short name for review

Users and business owners can flag a name for impersonation, offensive speech, fake businesses, spam or inappropriate content issues.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your Google app .
  2. Go to the Business Profile that you want to flag.
  3. Tap About.
  4. On the right, under 'Sharing', tap Menu Menu and then Report.
  5. Choose the reason for your report from the list.

Tip: This feature isn’t available in Google Maps. 

Policies for short names & URLs

All custom names and URLs must adhere to the following:

Below are policies that you must follow to use custom names and URLs:

Get a custom URL for your Business Profile
  • If your business is GMB verified, you can give customers an easy-to-remember name, called a short name, for your Business Profile. Using a short name gives you a custom URL that looks like[yourcustomname]. 
  • You can't change a custom URL after creation. However, you can remove the custom URL from your business and create a new one if you want to change it. Note that once you remove a custom URL, it may become free to be claimed by another business. 
  • Remove a short name and create a new one: You can remove a custom URL from your business up to three times per year. This deactivates the URL so that it no longer directs viewers to your business.
  • If you're eligible, you can create a short name right away after removal. However, it may take a couple of days before the previous short name and custom URL stops directing to your Business Profile. 
  • A business may only have one (1) short name. They can’t be transferred or assigned to anyone.
Use a custom URL
When you claim and use a custom URL:
  • We reserve the right to reclaim custom URLs or remove them for any reason, and without notice.
  • Don't include words and phrases in your custom URL that would violate the Maps User Contributed Content Policy.
  • You can choose a custom URL based on things like your display name, your existing branding, any current custom URLs that you have or the name of your linked website (all subject to availability). 
  • When sharing your custom URL, you can change its capitalisation and accents any way that you want. 
Violations of URL policies
If you violate our terms of service, Maps content policy, Google My Business policies or policies below, we may take a variety of actions, including:
  • Disable use of short names and associated custom URLs
  • Disable the user's access to contribute to all Geo content features
  • Suspend your access to Google My Business
  • Disable the user's access to their Google account

Impersonation of a business: Do not claim a URL based on misrepresenting or impersonating a business identity. Users should not attempt to impersonate another person or organisation, or otherwise engage in activities intended to deceive, defraud or mislead others. This includes falsely implying affiliation with, or endorsement by, another individual or organisation. 

Do not manipulate ranking or relevancy using techniques such as repetitive or misleading keywords or metadata.

If you feel that yours or another business’s profile is being impersonated, please flag the name for review.

Inactive accounts
In general, users are expected to be active members within the Google Business community. If an account is found to be overly inactive, the short name and custom URL may be reclaimed by Google without notice.
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