Overview for agencies

Business Profile is an easy way to manage your online presence, and connect with current and future customers.

Third-party agencies can utilise Business Profile to manage small and medium-sized businesses or chain business clients in a single account. Learn more about how to register a Business Profile organisation account.


Third-party agencies can help manage their client’s business in various ways:

  • Manage your client’s business information in bulk and through the Business Profile API (if applicable).
  • Make sure that your clients can read and reply to customer feedback.
  • Use Insights to understand how customers interact with your client’s business profiles across the web.
  • Manage user access to specific profiles or profile groups.
  • Access customer support that’s specialised for third-party agencies.

How it works

Once you register your agency on Business Profile, you’ll create an organisation.

Third party agency overview

An organisation account is how your agency will manage profiles on behalf of the business owners that you’re working with. You can add people to your organisation as owners or members, and they’re responsible for managing profiles. Users can utilise several features available through Business Profile.

Third-party agencies should use a single organisation account to manage all of its profile groups. Note that an organisation account cannot directly own an individual profile.

Business Profile API

The API helps you easily manage information for your clients with applications that you develop. Learn more about how to request access to the API.


Upload high-quality photos to show current and future customers your client’s products and services. Photos help people find your client’s business across Google through Search and Maps.


Use Insights to learn how people find and interact with your client’s Google profile. Insights help you understand the best way to showcase your client’s business to attract more customers.


Connect with customers via messages posted to your client’s business profile on Google Search and Maps. With Posts, you can create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock or shop event details directly with your client’s customers.

Advertise online

Link your client’s Google Accounts used to manage their Business Profile to Google Ads to boost your client’s local presence. You can use Insights to optimise your ads and find the best way to reach customers.

Learn more about the features offered by Business Profile.

Best practices

Business Profile's features (e.g. Posts, Photos, etc.) let businesses engage and build trust with customers. To help your client get the most out of Business Profile, bear in mind some best practice tips:

  • Ensure that business information is up to date and accurate for all your managed profiles so that customers can reach your clients more easily.
  • Highlight promotions and deals with Posts and appeal directly to your local customers on Google Maps and Search. Many customers look for promotions or discounts when they search for a business online. Your client can promote sales, special events and more to potential customers through strategic text, video or photo content. 
  • Respond to both positive and negative reviews to build greater trust with customers. Many customers say that the reviews for a business profile help them decide whether to use their services.

Contact support

Submit a support request to contact support with any issues that you run into.

To improve the efficiency of your Business Profile support requests, bear in mind the following:

  • Completely fill in support requests with the requested information in the support contact form.
  • Use screenshots or videos to demonstrate the issue. On screenshots, include the timestamp when possible to aid the team in troubleshooting the action.
    Make sure that you exclude any unrelated or sensitive information, such as filenames or personal information of others.
  • If you submit a request for an issue that impacts multiple profiles, organise your profiles in a spreadsheet.
  • Don't submit duplicate requests. Repeated requests for the same issue create confusion in communications and waste time.
    Note: If you need to submit a new request about a current support case, note that case’s ID number. The case ID number is included in the subject line of the support team’s reply to you.
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