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Format the CSV file

A My Business Provider must compile the business details of all merchants into a single CSV file that follows a specific format. 

To create a CSV file in the correct format:

  1. Open the CSV sheet template.
  2. Fill in the columns with the required information as shown in the sample data file. Follow the directions below to identify the mandatory and optional fields. 

Mandatory fields (required to generate the codes)

  • Location name.
  • Two-letter region code. Find your region code.

Optional fields (recommended if available)

  • Address lines 1-5 : Add an accurate address of the business location. PO box or mailbox addresses are not acceptable.

  • Locality: Add name of the city or town under locality. Add name of the neighborhood, boroughs, or district under sub-locality.

  • Administrative area: Add name of the state, province, an oblast, or a prefecture that represents the highest administrative subdivision used for addresses in your country or region. 

  • Postal code: If your country uses postal codes, add a postal code or zip code of the address.

  • Primary phone: Add a local phone number in this format: +441234567890.This should be a local phone number instead of a central, call center helpline number whenever possible.
  • Website URL: Add a business website link in this format:
  • Primary category ID:  Add the business category in this format: gcid:grocery_store.To identify the category that best describes the business, refer the examples of typical category IDs below. 

    Examples of typical category IDs:


Note: If you don’t have any data for one of the optional fields, just leave it blank. Don’t delete the column.

Once you have filled in all required fields for your businesses, visit My Business Provider to upload and submit the CSV file.

CSV file FAQs

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I have multiple phone numbers for a business. Which one shall I add?
We accept only one primary phone number. This is the number shown on Google Maps and Search that customers will use to reach the business. After verifying a business listing, the owner or listing manager can update their business attributes, including adding an additional phone number.
What is the minimum information that I should provide for Google to generate a code?
While we encourage you to provide as much business information as possible, the minimum information required is name and region code.
My file takes several minutes to upload or fails to upload, and the error message isn’t specific. Why is this happening?
The My Business Provider dashboard isn’t intended for files with thousands of rows. For files with more than 2000 rows, you may experience slow upload times or file failures. If you need to generate more than 2000 codes, upload multiple files in batches with fewer than 2000 rows in each batch. 
What is the output file titled after I've submitted my .CSV file?
The auto-downloaded file after proper submission will be titled "Results.csv."
How will I know if my submission was successful?
The output file will have 3 new columns created: "Verification Tokens", "Already Claimed by", and "Errors."

 Output file

A file with the verification codes is downloaded to your device automatically upon submitting your CSV in My Business Provider. Once the codes are received, you are responsible for distributing them to each business.

If a location in the CSV upload is already managed on Google, the "Already Claimed by" column in the output file displays an obscured email address for the current owner of the location. The email hint is formatted to protect user privacy.

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