Get and distribute verification codes

After completing the My Business Provider onboarding process, you’re all set to obtain verification codes for your users’ businesses.

To get verification codes, you need to send us your customers’ business data by choosing one of the three methods below.

Via CSV file

  1. Create a CSV file of the business details of your customers by following these instructions.
  2. Sign in to My Business Provider to upload your CSV file.
  3. Under the "Batch label" field, assign a specific name to the batch of data that you're sending. This batch label allows you to easily distinguish between CSV submissions.
  4. Click Choose File and select your CSV file to upload it.
  5. Click Submit. A file with the verification codes will be downloaded to your device automatically.

Via single token generation

  1. Sign in to My Business Provider.
  2. Click Generate a single token.
  3. Enter the location name and region.
  4. Enter information in the optional fields, if available.
  5. Click Submit to generate the verification token.

Via My Business Provider API

To learn more about My Business Providers API, visit our API Developer documentation.

Distribute verification codes

After you receive the verification codes back from Google, you will share them with your businesses. You may send out a communication to each business that includes a personalized URL with a pre-inserted code for that business. The business owner can access the URL to get instantly verified on Google My Business.

Generate personalized URL

A personalized URL is formatted as, where AAA1BBCC2 is the unique verification code for each business. 

To create personalized codes directly in your output file after generating PINs, follow these steps:

  1. Open the verification code file you downloaded from the My Business Provider dashboard.
  2. Highlight column A (the "Verification Tokens" column header) and select Edit at the top of the page, then Find and replace.
    1. In the “Find” field, type the dash symbol ( - ). Leave the “Replace with” field blank.
    2. Click Replace all. This will remove the dashes from your PINs so that they can be attached directly into the URL for the merchant.
  3. Type “” in the column to the right of the Verification Tokens column, then hit Enter.
    1. Click the cell you’ve entered the link into to highlight it.
    2. On the bottom right of the highlighted cell, drag the blue square down so it fills each row in the column.
  4. In the column to the right of the column, copy and paste the following formula in column 3: =CONCATENATE(B2, A2).
    1. On the bottom right of the highlighted cell, drag the blue square down so it fills each row in the column. These fields contain your merchants' personalized PINs.

When sharing the personalized URL with a business, it's important to clearly communicate how to use the link to verify on Google My Business. You may also use our suggested one-liners and talking points when communicating with them. 

Below is a sample email you can use when sending the verification codes to businesses.

Sample Email

Dear [insert business owner’s name],

[insert My Business Provider’s name] is excited to be partnering with Google to help small businesses grow and succeed through a strong presence on Google Search and Maps.

Sign up for Google My Business now and create your high quality listing to showcase your products and services to potential customers. With powerful tools like messaging, photos, and posts, you will have the ability to attract customers and stand out against your competitors. 

Simply click this link: [insert personalized URL]

Or follow these steps:
1. Visit
2. Sign in to your Google account
3. Enter your unique verification code: [insert verification code]

If you have any questions about Google My Business or the onboarding process, please visit the Google My Business Help Center.

[insert My Business Provider name]

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