Accept bookings on Google

The bookings feature is currently only available for fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses in the U.S.

Get bookings directly from your business listing on Google Search and Maps. Accepting bookings on Google makes it easier for new customers to sign up for your service when they find you online. 

How it works

Google works with scheduling software providers to enable online booking through Google Search, Google Maps, and Reserve with Google.

Customers can find and book your service by tapping the “Book” button wherever they see your business on Google Search or Google Maps. They'll also be able to find you on a website dedicated to booking, Reserve with Google.

If you use one of the supported scheduling providers, bookings from Google users will automatically be added to your schedule. If you don't use one of these providers, you can sign up with one through your Google My Business account.

Get started

To manage your bookings, sign in to Google My Business and look for the Bookings tab. (If you don't see this tab, then the bookings feature is not yet available for your business category or region.)

If you already use a supported scheduling provider, you'll automatically be eligible to start receiving bookings. You'll see your booking history with that provider in your Google My Business account.

If you're not already using a supported scheduling provider, you'll see the option to choose a provider to manage your bookings. After signing up, your account with that provider will be automatically linked to your Google My Business account within 1 week. You'll then be eligible to start receiving bookings through Google.

Google does not charge any fees for these bookings, but you can check with your scheduling provider to see if they apply additional fees for bookings through Google

Opt out of bookings

To opt out, contact your scheduling provider and let them know that you don’t want to participate in online bookings through Google.

If you're having an issue with your bookings through Google, please contact support.

View your bookings insights

In your Bookings tab, you'll find helpful insights on your bookings through Google. You can adjust the time frame of this data by using the “Date Range” dropdown.

Google Bookings Revenue 

This section shows the total revenue made from bookings on Google during the specified time period.

Bookings and Customers

This section shows the proportion of customers who made one booking versus those that made multiple bookings during the specified time period.

Most Popular Services

This section shows the most popular services booked (as measured by the number of bookings) during the specified time period.

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