Manage your Business Profile directly from Google

If you're signed in with your Google My Business account, you can manage your Business Profile directly from Google Search. Just search for your business on Google, and you can complete and enhance your profile, share photos and posts related to your business, see reviews from customers and more.

To manage your Business Profile from Google Search:

  1. Make sure that you're logged in with your Google My Business account.
  2. Search for your business name on Google.
  3. You'll see a simple menu right above the search results.
    • To add or correct your business information, click Edit info.
    • To post on Google and stay engaged with your customers, click Create post.
    • To share photos that make your business stand out, click Add photos.
    • To view and respond to customer reviews, click Reviews.

You'll also see personalised updates (like newly added photos from customers) and suggestions to help you improve your online presence (like updating your hours or responding to customers).

This dashboard is only visible to owners and managers of the Business Profile.

Site manager sign-up link

A site manager sign-up link can be found in the Business Profile of claimed chain locations on Maps and Search. New users who sign up for Google My Business, as well as existing users who try to access claimed chain listings, can verify as a site manager. The sign-up link makes it easier for franchise owners and shop managers to manage listings for locations that they own or operate.

Site managers will be verified by Google to make sure that their profile data is accurate. Owners can still manage user access through their Google My Business accounts.

When signed in to Google My Business, a site manager can request to upgrade to listing manager or owner of a verified listing. The listing owner can approve or deny the request.

How to become a site manager from the Business Profile

To sign up to become a site manager on Maps and Search, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Business Profile, click Manage this business.
    Note: This button will only appear on chain listings that are already claimed. It won't appear on listings for unclaimed chains or service area business ads.
  2. Select how you’d like to verify that this location is yours:
    1. To verify by phone number, click Call or Text.
    2. To verify by email, click Email.
    3. If eligible, auto-verify.
  3. Once you complete verification, a banner will appear that confirms that you're now authorised to manage the location.
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