Keep your business info up to date

When your business information is verified on Google, you can keep your business's online presence current with accurate and timely information. 

If you still need to claim and verify your Business Profile, get started with Sign up and verify your Business Profile.

Update your business information

When information about your business changes, you can update your Business Profile. Regular updates help ensure that we can share the most accurate information with your potential customers. In some cases, we might not accept changes if we believe they’re inaccurate. Learn how to edit your business information.

Add owners and managers to share responsibility

As you know, it takes hard work to run a business. You may not have time to keep your online presence as fresh as you’d like. Owners and managers can help.

To delegate responsibility to other members of your staff, add owners and managers to your Business Profile. You can maintain your ownership of the page when you add other owners and managers.

Meet the 2 kinds of users on a Business Profile


Business Profile owners have the widest set of privileges and access. They can make high-level administrative changes, like:

  • Add other owners and managers
  • Remove the profile from their account 


A manager can do most of what an owner can do, like: 

You might make a trusted staff member a manager of your profile to help keep your information and web presence up to date.

Assign owners and managers

Owners of profiles can invite users to become owners and managers. Invitees have the option to accept the invitation and immediately become profile owners or managers. Learn how to assign owners and managers

When a user accepts an invitation, the owners of the profile receive an email notification. All users in the account can view the names and email addresses listed on the assigned page.


Shape the future of Google support

User research studies help us to improve our support services by allowing us to get feedback directly from users like you. Find out more, or sign up now for invitations to participate in future studies.

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