Use the Google My Business API

Known issue: Updating hotel attributes in the Google My Business API and spreadsheet upload is not working. Learn more.

The Google My Business Application Programming Interface (API) is designed for developers who represent large, tech-savvy businesses and third parties. Developers looking to write applications to manage Google My Business data should consider signing up for the Google My Business API.

The Google My Business API lets developers build applications that interact directly with their business location information on the Google My Business server. With these applications, chains and third parties can manage their large or complex Google My Business accounts more efficiently.

How you can use the API

Using the Google My Business API effectively requires technical savvy and coding knowledge. With the API, you can manage locations at scale with actions like:

  • Editing location information
  • Reading and responding to customer reviews and Q&A
  • Updating menu details like photos, descriptions and prices
  • Viewing insights for locations
  • Subscribing to push notifications for new customer reviews
  • Creating and updating posts
  • Adding photos and viewing customer photos and videos
  • Inviting and removing managers
  • Managing service-area businesses
  • Verification on third-party platforms
  • Determining if a location already exists and is claimed
  • Creating user groups and location groups

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