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This article explains the verification policies for Google My Business and the Trusted Verifier app. 

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Who can create or verify a Google My Business listing?

Only the business owner can claim or verify their business. 

Do not create or verify a Google My Business listing unless you own the business. Instead, have the business owner complete the sign-up process, then proceed with verifying their listing. 

How many listings can one owner verify?

If a business owner wants to verify more than 10 locations of one business, they should follow our bulk verification process instead of using Trusted Verifier. Learn more about bulk verification.

Only verify the business where you're physically present, except at events. For verifications at events, you can verify up to 10 listings per owner/person that provides the required documents for each of those listings.

Which types of businesses does Google allow on Maps?

We recommend that you read our guidelines for local businesses to make sure that you’re verifying an eligible business. Following these guidelines helps avoid common problems, including changes to the business’ information or removal of the business information from Google.

Which types of businesses can be verified with Trusted Verifier?

The Trusted Verifier verification option appears for all eligible businesses. For ineligible businesses, the verification option appears dimmed.

While we try to limit the number of situations in which the Trusted Verifier option is ineligible, we can’t indicate why Trusted Verifier is ineligible in any particular case. Certain business categories, like locksmiths and plumbers, are currently ineligible for the Trusted Verifier method.

Packing and moving business are ineligible for verification in India.
What kind of documents do business owners need to be verified at a partner event?

Business owners should bring one or more of the following documents to an event to be eligible for verification with Trusted Verifier:

  • Utility bills
  • Tax letters
  • Business registration certificates

All documents must be original and include the business' name, address, and category (if possible). Copies of documents are not acceptable. A business card isn’t sufficient for verification with the Trusted Verifier app.

It’s the Trusted Verifier's responsibility to become familiar with the types of documents they'll verify.

Do not verify a business without the required documentation. The business owner can request verification through one of the other verification methods.

Get Your Business Online events in North America and Puerto Rico: If the business owner doesn’t have the required documents on hand, you may verify the business by searching for it on the relevant government business entity search site.
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