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Local business links

Your Business Profile can include two types of links that make it easier for customers to learn more about your business or take action directly from your profile on Google Maps or Search. 

You can add a single link that helps customers: 

  • View a menu
  • Learn more about COVID-19 related information
  • Review a list of services (i.e. telemedicine or virtual)

Or, you can add up to 10 links per category, to help customers take actions. Among these links, you can choose a preferred link that displays at the top so that customers can easily find it. To set a preferred link, click the Star  next to the link that you chose. The links help customers:

  • Book an appointment
  • Make a reservation
  • Place a food order
  • Place a shopping order

Tip: Links to certain third-party booking services might automatically appear on Business Profiles. These links can’t be edited in Google My Business. Learn how to remove third-party links

Add links to your Business Profile

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
    • If you have multiple locations, open the location that you'd like to manage.
  2. Click into the Info New features URL section, which lets you edit several different fields. Depending on your business category, you may get options to add more links.
  3. Select the type of link that you want.
  4. Enter the links in the appropriate fields.
    • For action-oriented links like an appointment, order or reservation, you can choose a preferred link to display at the top. This option isn't available for informational links, like menu, COVID-19-related or service links.
    • Action-oriented links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the merchant, and links must allow the user to complete the designated action. Inaccessible links (i.e. HTTP errors such as 404, unreachable, timeout, etc.) may be removed without notice. 
  5. Click Apply.

Retail and shopping links

If you manage retail or shopping locations in the US, you can provide your business links on your Business Profile. To add links, visit the Info tab in Google My Business. Local business links are not available via the Google My Business API or spreadsheet upload.

Third-party ordering services and those who offer shopping actions must also adhere to these policies:

  • Place Action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the merchant with the given shop’s location pre-selected for ordering (for businesses with multiple store locations)

  • For delivery-only experiences, if the user cannot specify a specific location in the order flow, then the zip code / postal code and brand of the shop location must be pre-selected in the landing experience

Adherence to this policy is proactively monitored on a regular basis. Violation of the policy can result in removal of all Place Action links provided by the platform provider.

Remove third-party links

Important: You can’t edit or remove third-party links in Google My Business directly. 

Order with Google works with select third-party providers that provide ordering services for local businesses. These links lead to the website of the third-party provider. From the third-party website, a customer can take actions such as 'place an order' or 'make an appointment or reservation'.

Links to certain ordering services can appear automatically with your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. These links are provided and updated automatically by third-party providers who state that they have authorised relationships with your businesses.

To remove or fix a link in your profile: 

  1. Contact the third-party provider’s support team or technical contact. 
  2. Request that they remove or edit your data from the information that they send Order with Google. 
  3. If the link violates our policies and you can't reach the third-party provider, you can contact Google My Business support.

These links work independently, and don’t affect food orders submitted through Google Search and Maps, The or your website. 

Tip: To learn about the 'Order Online' button specifically, read about online orders on Google through a provider and how to opt out.
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