Types of business summaries on Google Maps

There are 3 types of short business summaries you might see on Google Maps: business descriptions, editorial summaries, and review snippets.

Business descriptions

Merchants can edit their business descriptions that show up in Maps. Some details a merchant might add to their business description are: what they offer, what sets them apart from other businesses, their history, or anything else that they’d like customers to know. 

Business descriptions focus primarily on details about a business instead of details about promotions, prices, or sales. 

Editorial summariesEditorial summaries

Unlike business descriptions, editorial summaries cannot be edited. Our writers compile these short summaries, which give you a quick snapshot of a popular business. These summaries are phrases or sentences (such as the example on the map above: “Southwestern fare in a modern setting”) that you often see when you click the business on Maps.

Editorial summaries show on the map or alongside review and rating information, such as in the “review summary” section.

Review snippets

Review snippets

Review snippets are algorithmically selected quotes from Google users that provide information on the keywords most mentioned by reviewers.

You can see the most common words and phrases associated with a business in bold. Under each snippet, you’ll see the number of other users who have mentioned those terms in their reviews.

Place Topics [Experimental]

Potential customers can see the main themes of your business, based on the reviews of your business, through Place Topics.

All businesses with a sufficient amount of quality reviews can benefit from Place Topics.
Note: If your business doesn’t have Place Topics, Google can’t create them on demand.

How it works

Place Topics uses data from your reviews to provide concise information and keywords on what customers highlight about your business.

Topics are only created when you have a sufficient amount of customer reviews for your business. Since Place Topics are based on customer reviews, business owners don’t need to manage this feature. Keep in mind the following:

  • In case the topic is abusive for any reason, business owners should flag the reviews, as those would be considered abusive as well.
  • Users can still open a Business Profile for a particular business and go through all the reviews.
  • To filter reviews by Place Topics, users can click different topics.

Hotel review snippets

Some hotels have review summaries licensed from TrustYou, a third party. TrustYou creates review summaries and aggregates scores using reviews from across the web.

Hotel review snippets

A unified hotel reviews section on Google Maps on the computer shows reviews from both Google users and third-party providers. With a consolidated list of reviews, users can make more informed decisions on hotels directly from Maps.

All hotels that work with one of the third-party providers are eligible for the unified hotel reviews section. A Google My Business account is not required.

Note: We cannot provide a full list of eligible third-party providers.

Report incorrect business summaries

Google tries to show accurate, up-to-date short summaries for businesses. We don't remove summaries for being unclear or negative. We only remove the following:

  • Keywords and review snippets that have been associated with an unrelated place.
  • Editorial summaries if the information included describes services that the business doesn't offer.

If you’d like to report a description that you believe fits one or both of these cases, contact us so that we can review it.

Learn more about local review policies.

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