Welcome to your upgraded account

We’ve upgraded Google My Business Locations accounts to provide better tools to manage business information for verified accounts.

These tools offer an improved process for updating and maintaining your locations. As a result of the upgrade, the status of some of your locations may have changed.

Use this guide to see:

If your account hasn’t been upgraded, we appreciate your patience. We’re working hard to make the upgrade available to everyone as soon as possible.

Changes to bulk location management 

We’ve updated features for verified locations to help you give the best possible information to your customers. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed:

  • Updates go live faster.
    • Most updates to go live in a day unless they are sent for review.
  • Increased visibility to help you quickly diagnose and fix your account
    • See if your location information is live, modified, or not live.
    • See owners and managers for your locations,
  • Your locations are connected to Google+ and other Google features.
  • More location management tools.
    • Add managers on individual locations or on all your locations grouped under a business account.
    • Request access to locations owned by other users.
    • Get email notifications from other users who want to share management of your location information.

The upgrade also changes the process for updating your business information:

  1. We’ve introduced new policies that make updating business information more straightforward.
    • Each location has one verified owner and up to 50 owners or managers.
  2. We’ll ask you to check in frequently to ensure accurate information is displayed to customers.
    • Check back weekly for updates from Google to your information.
    • Respond to management access request emails from business associates.

Get Locations live

You may notice that not all of your locations are live on Google. To check if your location is live:

  1. Visit Google My Business Locations.
  2. Check the "Status" column for the latest information on your location.
  3. If the status is not "Live", check the information below for more information on how to resolve the situation:
  • Live (with updates):Locations have live information on Google that differs from your account.
    • How to fix: You can review, accept or edit this information individually or as part of spreadsheet import.
    • Tip: You can see if many of your locations have similar updates by hovering over the location. If you like the updates, you can incorporate them into your spreadsheet import and speed up the review process. If you’re still having trouble getting your information live, please contact us.
  • Owner conflict: Someone else is the verified owner on Google for your locations. Locations can only have one verified owner and multiple managers.
    • How to fix: You can request to be added as a manager or for a transfer of ownership for the location by following these steps.
    • When you receive a request: You can add managers to locations in your account by following these steps. If you choose not to add a manager, please reply to let us know your decision.
  • Pending review: Locations you have added are under review by Google. We may need you to update the map marker.
    • How to fix: Click on the location in the dashboard to see if it is "not connected to Maps". If the location is connected to Maps and still hasn’t gone live for more than 3 days, please contact us.
  • Errors: If you have an upgraded account and a location has an error in a required field of your spreadsheet, the location may not have been moved with your upgrade.
    • How to fix: Add the location back in your spreadsheet, upload the spreadsheet, and resolve the errors by following these steps. If you’re still having trouble adding the location, contact us.
  • Disabled or suspended: Problems with the location information could cause a location to be suspended or disabled.
    • How to fix: Contact us for help in diagnosing the problem.

Best practices

Holiday/Seasonal Updates

Upgraded accounts will notice many edits to locations go live within a day. Updates to store hours should be made no sooner than six days (and no later than 36 hours) before the hours go into effect so that the changes aren’t live on Google sooner or later than intended. For example:

  • If you want to change your hours for Tuesday through Friday of next week, you can make the update on the Saturday or Sunday leading up to that week.
  • If you have a new store opening, include it in your account no sooner than 36 hours in advance.

Important: It’s best to submit edits to hours separately from other types of edits (to address, phone number, etc.) to avoid delays in your information appearing live.

Location management coordination

If you have a lot of locations with duplicate owners, check within your organization to see who you may need to coordinate with, including agencies your company may have hired to manage on behalf of the business.

If your organization expects to receive lots of requests to manage locations, you may want to set up an internal process to collect the names and locations of these managers and add them in a single session rather than responding to requests as you receive them.

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