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Transfer account ownership

If you’re no longer responsible for managing the locations in your account:

  1. Visit Google My Business Locations.
  2. Create a business account and transfer locations to that account. Learn more
  3. Add the person to whom you’d like to transfer the account as a manager of the business account. Learn more
  4. On the business account you’d like to transfer, choose the three dot menu  > Managers.
  5. Click ManagerTransfer ownership to [name of the manager]
    • Only owners can transfer business accounts.
    • To become an account owner, you must have been a manager for at least one day.
  6. The new owner will be informed of their ownership status via email. You will now be a manager of the account.

Important: If you’d like to transfer account ownership to an unverified user, please contact us for help. Learn more about verification

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