Your location on Google+

Verified, upgraded locations now have socially-enabled Google+ pages. If you don’t see this feature yet, don’t worry! We’re working hard to upgrade all our users as soon as we can.

See your location on Google+

When your locations are verified, your information is eligible to appear across Google, including on Maps, Search, and Google+. To see your location on Google+:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business Locations . 
  2. Hover over the the location you'd like to change and click Google+ icon Open Google+ page

Note: Google+ pages are not created instantaneously. It can take up to a week for Google+ pages and icons to appear. You may see some locations display icons before others. If you do not see a Google+ page for a location after a week, please let us know.

Share updates

Get the word out to customers, followers, and fans on Google+ using your Google My Business dashboard. Post a status, picture, video, or create an event directly from the dashboard.

Adjust Google+ page settings

Read more about changing notification and privacy settings for your business’s Google+ page.

Change a location's profile or cover photo

To change a location's profile or cover photo, follow these steps.

Third party management tools

Google+ has worked with several social media management companies to add Google+ functionality in their management tools. Learn more

Having trouble accessing a Google+ page? If your organization uses Google Apps or Google Apps for Work, your administrator may have disabled access to Google+. Learn more
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