Link a brand page to a website

Linking your brand page and website helps you connect with your friends, fans, and customers. It also provides Google with information that helps determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.

If you have a local Google+ page, which places your business at a particular physical location on Google Maps, you should use the local verification process to add your business information to Google Maps and display the verification badge on a Google+ page. You can add your website to your business information by following these steps.

Webmaster linking

It’s best to work with your webmaster if you aren’t familiar with editing your website.​

  1. Verify your website in Search Console. The verified webmaster can approve a request to connect your website to the Google+ page for your business.
  2. Select >  Google+ Page from the menu at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. On the "About" tab, click the Link website button next to your website URL.
    • Don't see the link? Local Google+ pages aren't eligible to link to a website. You can add your website to your business information by following these steps.
  4. If we know the webmaster for this website, we’ll give you the option to send a request to the webmaster to approve the link. Requesting approval will reveal your email address to the webmaster.
  5. The verified webmaster can confirm the link in Search Console.

Once the link has been approved, you'll receive an email. You'll also see a checkmark verified checkmark next to your website on the "About" tab of your page's profile.

After you’ve linked your Google+ page to your website, you can also link your website to your page to direct customers to your social presence. Learn how to add the Google+ badge to your website


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