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Use Google My Business to get a local business, brand, organization, or artist online. When you add your business using Google My Business, you’ll create a Google+ page.

Local business pages

Google Maps on mobile

Want to add your business information to Google Maps?

By creating a local page on Google My Business, your business information can show up in Google Search, Google Earth, and other Google properties. In addition, your business gets a Google+ page to connect with your customers.

If you’d like to add many business locations at once, use Google My Business Locations.


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Brand pages

Example brand page

Brands, organizations, artists, and other groups or individuals can create Google+ pages to reach out to followers, fans, and customers on Google. Brand, organization, or artist pages don’t include address or other physical location information that appears on Google Maps.



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Google+ communities

Google+ communities can be created by fans or brands and organizations as a forum to discuss the things they enjoy. Use communities to start conversations around specific hobbies, interests, particular groups, or organizations. Create a page manage your business, product, brand, or organizations’ online presence with Google.

Read more about creating communities on Google+.

Google+ profiles for individuals

Google+ profiles are intended to represent you and your friends, not businesses. However, you can use your personal Google+ profile to create local or brand pages.

Read more about viewing and editing your Google+ profile.

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