Sharing your verification code

What is a verification code?

Google verifies individual businesses primarily using one of two methods: phone verification or postcard verification. In each case, Google sends businesses a unique 5-6 digit verification code, either by postcard or over the phone, so that we can confirm your affiliation with this business. Once we have verified your affiliation with the business, you will be able to provide users with accurate, up-to-date business information.

Each verification code you receive is unique to your business account and the particular listing for which you’re requesting verification. Please do not share this verification code with anyone else, and know that Google will never call your business and ask for your code.

To verify a business, follow these steps.

Keep your code secure

If you choose to engage with a third party to help manage your business on Google, like an SEO or marketing firm, you should not share your own verification code with them. Your code is unique to your business account and should only be used by that account. In order to share management of your business’s listing with a trusted third party, follow these steps:
  1. Verify your listing and enter your verification code into the dashboard yourself; don’t give your code to any third parties.
  2. Once you’ve completed verification, you can add a trusted third-party partner as a manager of your page. You may then choose to transfer ownership of the listing to that third-party.
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