Manage Google updates

To make sure that your listings stay as accurate as possible, Google uses information from a variety of sources like user reports and licensed content. If the information provided by business owners is reported as incorrect or outdated, the location will receive updates from Google. You can see all such updates listed with a "Google updates" status. 

Google can update locations at any time, and Google-updated information appears live on Maps, Search and other Google services. You may review these updates to ensure that this information is accurate for your customers. Different types of updates are shown in different text colours in the listing editor:

  • Orange: New data from Google
  • Orange: Data removed by Google
  • Grey: Data replaced by Google. New data appears in orange
  • Black (or white): No updates from Google

You may choose to accept, discard, or edit Google updates.

Manage updates for individual listings

  1. Sign in to Google My Business, and select the location you'd like to review. 
    Note: You’ll see an "Updates from Google" notification at the top of the page if your location has Google updates.
  2. Review the Google updates listed next to your original business information.
  3. To manage your updates, choose the appropriate option:
    • To edit updates, click on the field that you want to edit updates for. Then, click Apply when you’ve finished.
    • To accept all the updates, click Accept all for this location in the "Updates from Google" section at the top of the page.
    • To accept individual updates, click on the field that you want to accept updates for. Then, click Apply in the dialogue that appears, without making any changes to the presented data.
    • To discard updates, click on the field that you want to discard updates for. In the edit dialogue that appears, reset the value to the one you previously provided, then click Apply.

Manage updates for multiple listings

To accept, discard or edit Google updates for multiple locations:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Tick the box next to each individual location that you'd like to manage. Or tick the box in the top left corner of the table to select all locations.
  3. In the toolbar above the table, click Actions, then choose the appropriate option under "Google updates":
    • To accept updates, click Accept. You’ll see a list of updates that you’re about to accept. You can untick the boxes next to updates that you don’t want to accept. When you've accepted the updates, the updated information will continue to appear live on Google.
    • To discard updates, click Discard. You’ll see a list of updates that you’re about to discard. You can untick the boxes next to updates that you don’t want to discard. When you've discarded the updates, the information will revert to the last values that you entered, and will overwrite the Google-updated information. 

Please note, you may not be able to accept or discard updates, or clear attribute values in bulk if:

  • The listing isn’t enabled for download.
  • You don’t have enough access to the listing (e.g. if you’re a site manager).
  • The listing couldn't be loaded.
  • For discard updates and clear attributes only: You did not provide a value for the field.
  • For clear attributes only: The attribute is sensitive (for example, related to accessibility, sexual orientation, race or religion).
  • For clear attributes only: The attribute is not a "yes/no" attribute.

Manage updates using the mobile app

  1. Open the Google My Business app
  2. Tap Your business information has updates from Google
    Note: If there are no updates, you won't see this notification.
  3. In the banner at the top of the screen, tap OK to accept all updates.
  4. Edit updates by tapping the pencil icon
  5. Tap Save.

Google updates and bulk upload

If you’re updating locations using your bulk upload spreadsheet, you can import your locations without resolving Google updates. Bear in mind that:

  • If you import a spreadsheet and you haven't changed a particular field since your last upload, then Google My Business will ignore that field. Your data won’t be changed, and Google updates for that field won’t be accepted or discarded. 
  • If you import a spreadsheet and you've changed a field, then the new field value will be accepted and will overwrite both your old value and any Google update associated with it.


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