Manage Google updates

To keep your Business Profile as accurate as possible, Google uses information from a variety of sources like user reports and licensed content.
If the information provided by business owners is reported as incorrect or outdated, the location will receive updates from Google. You can get an option to review all such updates. 

Types of updates

Google can update locations at any time. Google-updated information shows up live on Maps, Search, and other Google services. You can choose to accept, discard, or edit Google updates. Different types of updates are shown in different text colors in the profile editor:

  • Orange: New data from Google.
  • Orange: Data removed by Google.
  • Gray: Data replaced by Google. New data appears in orange.
  • Black or white: No updates from Google.

Manage updates

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business
    • If you have multiple locations, go to the location that you want to review.
  2. In the left menu, click Info.
  3. Review the Google updates listed next to your original business information.
  4. Determine what to do with the updates:
    • Edit updates: Click the section where you want to edit updates. When you’re done, click Apply.
    • Accept all the updates: At the top, next to the notification, click Accept all for this location
    • Accept individual updates: Click the sections where you want to accept updates. Then, click Apply.
    • Discard updates: Click the sections where you want to discard updates. In the edit dialog that displays, reset the value to what you had before. Then click Apply.

Tip: If your location has Google updates, you’ll get a notification at the top of the page.

Google updates & bulk upload

If you update locations with your bulk upload spreadsheet, you can import your locations without resolving Google updates. Keep in mind:
  • If you haven't changed a particular field since your last upload, Google My Business ignores that field. Your data isn’t changed, and any Google updates for that field aren’t accepted or discarded. 
  • If you changed a field, the new field value is accepted. This new value overwrites both your old value and any Google update associated with it.
  • If you leave a field blank, the blank field is subject to Google updates.

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