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Move reviews across Business Profiles

If you’ve made changes to your business, your existing reviews are kept, moved, or removed from your Business Profile. Business reviews are useful only when they’re relevant, helpful, and trustworthy. If there are significant changes to your business, reviews that are no longer relevant may be removed.

Moving reviews across business profiles

New business profile

If you’ve created and verified a new profile to reflect a change in a physical location or a change in ownership, you can transfer your reviews from the old profile to the new one. To transfer your reviews, you can contact Google to send a request.

Physical location change

If you move your business to a new location and keep the same business name, Google will generally move the reviews to the new location. There are some exceptions for businesses heavily tied to their locations, like hotels, golf courses, or scenic attractions.

Ownership change

If you’re the new owner or manager of a business that hasn't changed its name, reviews aren't removed. You can use owner responses to respond to previous reviews and clarify any changes or improvements to the services your business provides.

Name change

If your business changes its name and meets the following criteria, reviews aren't removed:

  • You make a minor name change.
  • You have multiple locations and the business name changes.

If your business changes its name but doesn't meet the criteria above, it's considered a new business and reviews are removed.

Permanently closed business

If your business closes permanently, reviews remain attached to the closed business.

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