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Top Contributors are Google users who volunteer their time to help others with questions and troubleshooting issues—you may have even met a few of them in the Google and Your Business Forum. We wanted to introduce you to the Places TCs, and tell you a little bit about them. Say hello next time you see them around!

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Mike Blumenthal

Mike Blumenthal
Forum Nickname: mblumenthal

Mike has been involved with offering web services since 1995. Prior to specializing in web design and search consulting in 2001, Mike was a principal in a family owned and operated retail business for more than 30 years. Like all small business owners attempting to market to a fragmented clientele, he was continually frustrated by the barriers & costs imposed by the advertising options available. Shortly after Google Maps was released in 2004, he threw out his nine Yellow Page books and started focusing on Local Search. During the week, you can find him at his blog, Understanding Google Maps and Local Search, where he writes about local search and its impact on the business community. During the past year Mike, cofounded two locally focused companies:, which focuses on small business education, and to help small businesses deal with the complexities of customer feedback and reviews.

Linda Buquet

Linda Buquet
Forum Nickname: Catalyst eMarketing

Linda has over 13 years of Internet marketing experience and specializes in Google Local optimization with a primary focus on training and consulting for SEOs and agencies. She's a contributor to the “Local Search Ranking Factors” and is founder of the Local Search Forum. Linda has been quoted by The New York Times, InfoWorld and PC World regarding Google Places issues and is passionate about helping people learn local search best practices.

Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins
Forum Nickname: JoyHawkins

Joy Hawkins has been working with small businesses in the Online Marketing industry since 2006. Before that she graduated with honors (Summa Cum Laude) from Liberty University earning her a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, specializing in Advertising. She works as the SEO director for Imprezzio Marketing. You can connect with her on Google+.

Helmut Geissler
Forum Nickname: ehg

Helmut has loved maps ever since he was a child, when he drew his own maps by hand for his personal edification (e.g. of the UK). Now his hands are a bit too shaky to draw these maps, but that’s where Google Maps and Google My Business come in. These products, along with the hundreds of questions "ehg" answers in the forums weekly, keeps his day lively and interesting. Helmut is an active Top Contributor in the English, German and Spanish Maps and help forums.

Keenan Glass

Keenan Glass
Forum Nickname: Keenan

Keenan Glass is president of, a marketing consulting firm that provides turnkey marketing strategies that produce real, "take it to the bank" results. He is the past president of the Houston Direct Marketing Association and chapter director of GKIC Houston, an elite coaching and networking club for entrepreneurs who are seeking fast and dramatic growth. Keenan is passionate about helping other business owners become successful through smarter marketing. He enjoys assisting others in the Google and Your Business forum and you can follow him on Google+.

Colan Nielsen
Forum Nickname: Colan

Colan Nielsen is the Local SEO Manager at Imprezzio Marketing. Colan has been involved with the online marketing industry since 2010. Before entering into the online marketing world, Colan graduated with a business degree from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. When Colan isn’t helping business owners at the Google and your Business Forum you can find him at the Local Search Forum where he is also a Top Contributor.

You can connect with Colan on Google+.

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