Business links policies & guidelines

If you use business links on your Business Profile, you’ll need to follow the guidelines below as well as our prohibited & restricted content policies.

About business links and eligibility

Business links allow customers to do things like book appointments with your business or place orders online. Not all businesses are eligible for business links. For example, hair salons might allow customers to book appointments, but are not eligible for online ordering links. 

Tip:  Some countries and regions aren't eligible for certain business links.

Guidelines for businesses

Business link can't be added or updated

Invalid business link

You may receive an error that the link is malformed or contains invalid characters.  Common reasons for this include:

  • The link contains spaces or symbols
  • The link contains backslashes (\)
  • There's an invalid protocol in the link (for example, a duplicate http://)

To fix this error, check your link and remove any spaces, symbols, backslashes or other issues.

Profile not verified

Your business must be verified before you can add a link. Once your business is verified and the link edit is approved, the changes will be published on Google Search and Maps. 

Maximum number of links per transaction type 

Businesses are permitted to have a maximum of 20 links per transaction type. To view your links:

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. Select the transaction type, such as Booking, Food ordering, or Pickup and delivery.

If your business already has 20 links for a transaction type, for example booking, you won't be able to add any additional links. To add more links, you'll need to remove existing links.

Business link already exists 

The link you provided is a duplicate of a link that has already been entered by the business or by a third-party provider. Choose a different link.

Domain already exists

You can only add one link per domain and the domain you chose is already in use. It may have been provided by your business or by a third-party provider. Select a different domain to add a link.

Third-party domain already exists 

If you add a third-party provider link that has the same domain as one that was added by your business or the third-party provider we’ll remove the new link you added. 

For example, if you add the link “” for online ordering, and “” already exists, your link will not be accepted. This is to help simplify things for customers.

Request a review

If you believe your link was denied or removed in error, you can contact us to request a review.


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