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Get started with Small Business Advisors

You can have a one-on-one business product consultation with Small Business Advisors to help your business succeed. Small businesses can schedule a 50-minute video call with a specially-trained Google Advisor who can:

  • Provide guidance directly from Google.
  • Tailor recommendations based on your specific business needs.
  • Help you master Google products like Google My Business, Ads, Analytics, and more. 

*This service does not include troubleshooting nor Google My Business manual verification.


Important: This service is unavailable for large businesses, marketing or SEO agencies, or customers with suspended Google Accounts. To use the program, you need a Google Account.

We're here to help small businesses that want to increase their understanding of Google products and tools. We can guide you through product setup, answer specific questions, or help out in a variety of ways in a focused, one-on-one setting.

Whether you're well established or brand new, appointments are available to small businesses located and operated in the United States. Our Small Business Advisors specialize in direct communication with small business owners who are usually in charge of managing both their business and their online presence. Advisors are particularly helpful when:

  • You’ve never used Google products for your business.
  • You want to increase your understanding of Google products and tools.
  • You feel overwhelmed or uncertain about your business’s online presence.
  • You don’t have an online marketing specialist or outside marketing agency.

If you have a Google Ads account manager, they're better suited to help you with Google Ads. 

How Small Business Advisors works

Our goal is to help you grow your business. We can help you set up Google products, share best practices for product use, and provide tailored answers to questions about your business's online presence. Small Business Advisors take a holistic approach towards digital guidance, whereas teams like Google Support are focused more on technical issues, like account lockouts.

During your real-time video call, your Advisor gives you customized recommendations based on your goals, industry, business model, and needs. We’ll also answer any of your questions to help you better understand Google products and how they can help your business succeed.

Your Advisor can help you with:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Ads
  • Google Workspace
  • Google Domains
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Any other Google product that supports small businesses

Learn more about how an Advisor can help you.

Tip: When you book an appointment, you’ll find common topics we can help with. These topics include product setup, how to interpret reports and results, and how to make the most out of Google business products.

Book your appointment

  1. On your computer, sign in to Small Business Advisors.
  2. On the Overview tab, in the top right corner click Book appointment.
  3. Select an appointment time, the products you want to discuss, and your objectives for the meeting. 
  4. On the confirmation page, click Confirm appointment.
  5. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email that contains a link to join your video call at the scheduled time.

Join the video call

  1. At your scheduled time, on your computer, open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click the link provided in your booking confirmation email.
    • Alternatively, sign in to Small Business Advisors and, at the top right, click Manage appointment to access the link.
  3. Your Advisor will provide tailored recommendations to enhance your business's online presence using Google products.
  4. To allow your Advisor to guide you, share your screen. Learn how to present your screen.


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