Choose your privacy settings for Google apps & services built into your car

You can use Google apps and services in some car models, like Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. When you use Google apps and services in your car, you have options to control what information is shared with Google. You can change your privacy settings for Google apps and services at any time.

When you use Google apps and services in your car, Google Terms of Service and Google Maps Terms of Service apply. All data will be used according to Google's Privacy Policy.

Important: Settings vary by car manufacturer. When you change some settings, it may limit app functionality. For more information, reference your owner's manual.

Turn location on or off

When you share your vehicle location, you can get navigation, real-time traffic information, automatic rerouting, and search results from Google Maps. You can also ask Google Assistant to help you navigate to where you need to go or for things like nearby restaurants. Google uses your location to support safety-related driver assistance features, like updating road sign information.

To change your location settings:
  1. On your car display, open Settings.
  2. Open Location.
  3. Turn Location on or off.

Change your app permissions

You can choose whether apps like Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Google Play can access info like your location and microphone.
To change your app permissions:
  1. On your car display, open Settings.
  2. Open App permissions.
  3. Change permissions for each app.

Manage your saved activity

When you sign in to your Google Account, data is saved to your account to give you more personalized experiences across all Google apps and services. You decide what data to save to your Google Account, such as activity from apps in your car and voice recordings.

To change your activity controls:
  1. On your car display, open Settings.
  2. Tap Google and then Manage activity controls.
  3. Select what data you want to save to your Google Account.

Share usage & diagnostics information

You can choose to share information about how you use your car's infotainment system to help Google improve the services. This includes information about how often you use your apps, system performance, and the quality of your network connections, like mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Learn how Google uses your usage and diagnostics information.

To share your usage and diagnostics data:
  1. On your car display, open Settings.
  2. Tap Google and then More .
  3. Tap Usage & diagnostics.
  4. Turn Share this data on or off.

Choose what to share with Google Maps in your car

You can manage the vehicle data you share with Google Maps, like driving data, electric vehicle data, and offline maps options, in the privacy center.
To find the privacy center:
  1. On your car display, open Google Maps Maps.
  2. At the bottom, tap Settings Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy center.
Learn more about Google Maps data sharing in your car.

Choose what to share with Google Assistant in your car

When you set up Google Assistant, you may be asked to turn on certain settings. For the full Google Assistant experience in your car, turn on Web & App Activity, which saves your activity on Google sites and apps. This info helps your Assistant provide more personalized experiences and suggestions, like navigating to personal locations like "Home" and "Work." You can also choose to turn on personal results to use your voice to access your Google Calendar, saved destinations, reminders, and more. You can still get a limited Google Assistant experience without these settings enabled.

To change your Google Assistant settings:
  1. On your car display, open Settings.
  2. Tap Google and then Google Assistant.
  3. Choose your preferred settings for your Google Assistant.

Learn more about Google Assistant settings.

Learn about info your car periodically sends to Google to remain up-to-date

To stay updated, your car's infotainment system periodically exchanges information with Google, such as your software version and your network connectivity. This helps Google make sure apps and services work consistently and that your car receives software updates.

Learn more about the Android Device Configuration Service.

Data sponsored by your vehicle manufacturer

Some vehicles come with a data connection to access Google apps or other services. When you have a data connection from your vehicle manufacturer, your information may be sent over that network. You can manage your data privacy in Network Settings, on your vehicle screen. For additional details on how your data may be accessed, please contact your vehicle manufacturer.

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