Use Google apps and services built into your car

You can use apps and services like Assistant, Maps, and Play, built right into your car. Learn which cars are compatible and where to find additional support.

Compatible Cars

Google apps and services are built into:

Important: These vehicles may not be available in all regions. Some features for cars with Google apps and services built-in such as calls, texts, or navigation require a connection to the internet to work fully. For full functionality, you’ll need a mobile data plan for your car from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If you don’t have a mobile data plan in your car

In some cars, you may be able to access many built-in apps and services using a hotspot from your phone.

Connect through a mobile hotspot

Get information for using a hotspot:

Learn about the features available when you use Google apps and services built into your car without a mobile data plan.

Important: Some mobile carriers limit or charge extra when you share data with a hotspot. We recommend that you check with your carrier.

Tip: If the Google apps built into your car do not work as they should while connected with a mobile hotspot, update them to the latest versions through Google Play. That may fix the issue. If you cannot connect with a mobile hotspot in your car, hotspot connections may not be supported in your car model. Please contact your vehicle’s manufacturer for more information.

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