Supported countries for selling books on Google Play

Important: Effective December 1, 2023. To match the user experience for other Google Play products, Google Play Books will begin to use different currencies in the Play Store in the following countries:
  • Argentina
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Paraguay

We're working hard to expand Google Play Books internationally. If a particular country/region isn't listed below as supported, check back later as we may add it in the future.

When your book is available internationally, you can check how your book is displayed in a country/region or language.


  • If your URL contains "?": To add a country or language code, replace "?" with "&".
  • If the URL contains "#": Add a country or language code before "#".

Refer to the table below to find out which countries/regions Google Play Books currently supports.

Columns are labeled as follows:

  • Country code: The ISO country code, used for sales territories and prices.
  • Currency: Book prices are displayed to customers in this currency. You can either provide a local price in this currency or use our currency conversion tool.
  • Seller sign-ups: Partners in countries or regions marked with the ✔ symbol can sell e-books on Google Play Books.
    • While partners in countries marked with a ★ can sign up as a seller, selling books in these countries is limited to select partners. At this time, Google doesn’t accept new partners to sell in these countries.
    • In countries marked with ✘, partners can't create a Play Books seller account.
  • Auto-narrated audiobook creation: Partners in countries or regions marked with the ✔ symbol can create auto-narrated audiobooks to sell on Google Play Books. Auto-narrated audiobooks can only be sold in countries or regions approved for audiobook purchases.
  • Purchases: Customers can purchase books on Google Play in these countries. Audiobooks aren’t available for purchase in all approved countries or regions.
    • In countries or regions indicated by (e-book only), audiobooks aren’t available for purchase.
    • While a country may be approved for purchases, not all partners are approved to sell in all countries.
  • Payments: Google can issue payments to partners' bank accounts in these countries.
    • Payment countries marked with ★ are paid via wire transfer in U.S. dollars.
    • Newly created Brazilian payment profiles will receive payments in BRL. Some older payment profiles may still pay via USD wire transfers.
    • Although you can sign up for a seller account in South Africa, you can only receive earnings on a bank account located in one of the supported countries listed in the column "Payments." Unfortunately, the bank account can't be located in South Africa.
  • Promo Codes: Partners in these countries can offer promo codes to users in Play Books supported countries. Promo codes can be offered in any eligible country where partners' books are for sale.
Country nameCountry codeCurrencySeller sign-upsSeller promo codes creationAuto-narrated audiobook creationPurchasesPayments
Argentina AR USD (USD)
Austria AT EUR
Australia AU AUD
Belgium BE EUR
Bolivia BO BOB
Brazil BR BRL ( (USD))
Belarus BY USD (e-book only)
Canada CA CAD
Switzerland CH CHF
Chile CL CLP (USD)
Colombia CO COP (USD)
Costa Rica CR CRC
Czech Republic CZ CZK (e-book only)
Germany DE EUR
Denmark DK DKK (e-book only)
Dominican Republic DO USD
Ecuador EC USD
Estonia EE EUR (e-book only)
Spain ES EUR
Finland FI EUR
France FR EUR
United Kingdom GB GBP
Greece GR EUR (e-book only)
Guatemala GT USD
Hong Kong HK HKD
Honduras HN USD
Hungary HU HUF (e-book only)
Indonesia ID IDR (e-book only) (USD)
Ireland IE EUR
India IN INR (USD)
Italy IT EUR
Jordan JO JOD (e-book only) (USD)
Japan JP JPY
Kyrgyzstan KG USD (e-book only)
South Korea KR KRW
Kazakhstan KZ KZT (e-book only)
Lithuania LT EUR (e-book only)
Luxembourg LU EUR (e-book only)
Latvia LV EUR (e-book only)
Mexico MX MXN
Malaysia MY MYR (USD)
Nicaragua NI USD
Netherlands NL EUR
Norway NO NOK
New Zealand NZ NZD
Oman OM USD (e-book only) (USD)
Panama PA USD
Philippines PH PHP (USD)
Poland PL PLN
Portugal PT EUR (e-book only)
Paraguay PY PYG
Qatar QA QAR (e-book only) (USD)
Romania RO RON (e-book only) (EUR)
Russia RU RUB (USD)
Saudi Arabia SA SAR (e-book only) (USD)
Sweden SE SEK
Singapore SG SGD
Slovakia SK EUR (e-book only)
El Salvador SV USD
Thailand TH THB (e-book only) (USD)
Turkey TR TRY (e-book only)
Taiwan TW TWD (e-book only) (USD)
Ukraine UA UAH (e-book only) (USD)
United States US USD
Uruguay UY USD
Uzbekistan UZ USD (e-book only)
Venezuela VE USD
Vietnam VN VND (USD)
South Africa ZA ZAR
United Arab Emirates AE AED (e-book only) (USD)
Kuwait KW USD (e-book only) (USD)
Lebanon LB USD (e-book only) (USD)
Egypt EG EGP (e-book only) (USD)
Bahrain BH USD (e-book only)
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