Audiobook sound quality issues

To prevent users’ exposure to audiobooks with sound quality issues, we conduct quality checks on newly uploaded content.

Types of issues

The quality check can find several types of issues with audiobooks:

  • Anomaly or skip: There’s a possible skip or scratch in the audio.
  • Repetitive pattern: The audio repeats at the beginning of the timestamp.
  • Silence: A longer-than-usual silence was detected.
  • Test tone: A machine-generated test tone was detected.

Review detected issues

  1. On your computer, sign in to the Partner Centre.
  2. Select your audiobook.
  3. On the left, click Content
  4. Select the 'Audio quality errors' tab.
  5. To view the complete list of detected issues, click the down arrow Down arrow.
  6. On the left, select the file in which the issue was detected.
  7. To open the player, click an issue and then Play Play.
    • If you agree that the section contains an error: Click Audio has an error.
    • If you don't hear an error, or if what was detected is intentional: Click Audio is correct. The issue will be removed from the list.
Tip: When you submit audiobook files multiple times and more than one file has errors, errors display as bundled for each file version. The latest file is always at the top. When you resolve the errors with the latest version, your audiobook will go live.

Fix issues to publish audiobook

If your audiobook has errors, fix the issues and upload a new complete set of files. When you upload the replacement content, we re-review it for quality issues. Once you upload a new file without any errors or dismiss all the errors as 'Audiobook is correct', we automatically make the audiobook go live.

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