Search Google Books from your site

Quick summary

Google Books' Co-Branded Search allows your readers to search the full text of your books directly from your website. Users will view search results and book excerpts through a customized, Google-hosted service that maintains the look and feel of your website.

With your cooperation, Google will design and deploy a customized header that will display on your Co-Branded Search results pages. The following elements of the header can be customized to your specifications:

  • The logo. You can display your own logo on these pages.
  • The logo link. Your logo can link to your site's homepage or another page on your site.
  • The header color. Google can use colors that match those on your website.

Introductory video

You can watch a video to learn more about this feature and how to add it.


Publisher home page with Google Search box

Co-Branded search results hosted by Google

Co-Branded book result hosted by Google


To be eligible for a Co-Branded Google Books interface, you must include at least 75% of your books in print in the Google Books program. When implementing Co-Branded Search on your site you must adhere to the conditions for participation.

Add Co-Branded Search to your site

  1. Sign in to your account at

  2. Click on the Preview Program tab.

  3. Click the Co-Branded Search link.

  4. Select Add new co-branded site. This will take you to the Co-Branded Setup page, where you will customize the display of your Google-hosted search results page.

  5. Fill out the form on the setup page with your website's URL and the name you'd like to be displayed with this link.

  6. Customize the header of your Co-Branded Search page by uploading your logo, selecting a background color and choosing a Google logo. When you're done, click the Save settings button. You'll be directed to another page on which you can customize the search box that appears on your own website.

  7. You'll find settings for two search boxes on this page: one that searches across all of your titles in Google Books, and another that limits searches to within a particular book. By selecting a custom color, you can alter the look and feel of these search boxes to match your own website. When you're done, simply copy the HTML code and paste it in pages where you'd like a search box to appear.

If you'd like to use a search box that limits searches to a single book, please insert the ISBN or unique identifier of your book into the following snippet of code before copying and pasting it:

<!-- ISBN --><input name="vid" value="ISBN123456789X" type="hidden" />

Just replace 123456789X with the ISBN or unique identifier of your individual title. Make sure to configure this code for each individual book that you're making searchable.

To ensure a good experience for your users, we recommend that the Full Text Search box only appear on individual book pages on your website for titles that are included in the Google Books program. If a user tries to search inside a book that is not in the program, an error message will be displayed.