Express Live

What is Express Live?

With Express Live, you can upload or ship books to Google without specifying book-level settings. Your default settings will be applied to all submitted titles, and they will go live automatically, without any further intervention from you. While the books are processing, and for the first two weeks after they are live, you will see an "Express Live" designation next to them in your Partner Center.

What happens when you receive a book after I have enabled Express Live?

When we receive a book after you have enabled Express Live, it will soon appear in your Partner Center under the Manage Books section of the Preview Program tab. If you take no action, it will automatically go live on Google Books under the settings you specified as your defaults. You'll also find a special view/update link next to each of your titles. Clicking on this link will allow you to edit settings for that book (Title, Author, Territorial rights, Buy Link) and choose one of the following three statuses for the title:

  • Express Live this book with settings as shown.
  • I hold the rights to this book but do not want it added to Book Search. Remove it from my account.
  • This is not my book. Remove it from my account.

Be sure to click the Save & Continue button if you modify any settings for the book. Please keep in mind that you can always edit individual book settings from the Manage Books page of your account.

If you remove a book from your account and then resubmit it, the book will be reactivated in your account based on your Express Live settings.

How will you display the author and title for books submitted through Express Live?

If we have metadata from third-party sources for these books, our system will automatically populate the author and title fields and append the text ~autofilled~ to the end. This designation is in your Partner Center only and will not appear to Google Books users.

If you notice an error in the auto-filled data, report the issue to us. Please also remove the ~autofilled~ text from any fields you change.

How can I enable Express Live?

To activate Express Live, first specify your default settings. Be sure to tick the Express Live checkbox at the bottom of the Basic Program Settings page (under the Preview Program tab, then under Imprint Settings).

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