How to link to individual titles on Google Books

You can link to a specific book or a specific edition of a book. If you click Link Insert link from within a book, it generates a link that you can share with others.

Google Books can also retrieve books based on:

  • International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
  • Library of Congress Control Numbers (LCCNs)
  • Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC) record numbers

To find the ISBN, search for it on Google Books and check its 'About this book' page. For books published before 1970, use LCCN or OCLC records.

To find books by LCCN or OCLC number insert the LCCN or OCLC number into the appropriate URL:


You can also link to specific pages in some books. These pages include:

  • Front cover
  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • Table of contents
  • Index page
  • Back cover

If Google can't find the specific page that you want, the 'About this book' page opens instead.

To find one of these pages in a book, add the name of the page to the end of the URL like this:


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