Google Books preview traffic reports

Traffic reports from Google Books include information about your books' preview pages. Currently, traffic data for Google Play is unavailable. 

Download traffic reports

To access your traffic reports:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. On the left, click Reports.
  3. Scroll to the “Custom reports” section.
  4. Next to “Report type,” select Google Books Traffic Report.
  5. In the "Date" field, set a date range. Enter dates in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • You can also filter the data for specific countries or books.
  6. To download the report as a tab-separated .csv file, click Export Report. You can open your report in most spreadsheet programs.

Locate information in your traffic report

In your report, you can find:

Date or Month This column appears in the report if data is organized by day or by month.
Primary ISBN The primary ISBN or other identifier for the book. This column appears in the report if data is organized by book.
Book Visits (BV) A Book Visit registers each time a unique user views one of your books on Google Books. This number includes visits to:
  • Informational pages, such as the "About this book" page
  • Preview content pages
BV with Pages Viewed The number of Book Visits in which users access preview pages of your book. This number doesn't include visits where a user accesses only informational pages for your books.
Non-Unique Buy Clicks The number of clicks on links to purchase the book on retailer websites. If you provide a buy link, this number includes visits to your website.
BV with Buy Clicks The number of visits where a user clicks on a purchase link.
Buy Link CTR The clickthrough rate for purchase links.
Pages Viewed The total number of unique preview content pages a user views in a 24-hour period. If a user views the same page of your book twice within 24 hours, only a single page view registers.

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