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Google Play sales reports

Google Play partners can sell Ebooks in certain countries/regions. The features described here aren't available everywhere. At this time, selling audiobooks on Play is limited to select partners. While Google isn’t currently accepting new audiobook partners, this is subject to change. Please check back for updates. 

Sales reports provide details on how your books are selling on Google Play. (For information on earnings which have paid out to you, please check your earnings reports.)

To access your sales reports, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at play.google.com/books/publish/.
  2. Go to the Analytics & Reports page.
  3. Select the report type.
  4. Either select All time or Date range. Dates should be entered in this format: YYYY-MM-DD. The ending date is exclusive (i.e., it won't be included in the report).
  5. If you want to limit your report to specific books, enter a comma-separated list of identifiers in the Book identifiers field.
  6. Select the sales countries you're interested in. You can pick multiple countries, or select All.
  7. Click the Export Complete Report button to download the report as a tab-separated file, which you can open in most spreadsheet programs.

You'll find the following information in your sales reports (not all data may be present, depending on relevance):

Summary reports

Title The title of the book.
Author The author of the book.
Primary ISBN The primary ISBN or other identifier for the book.
Country of Sale The country where the buyer bought the book.
Units Purchased Total units of the book purchased in this period.
Units Refunded Total units of the book refunded in this period.
Net Units Sold Net units of the book sold in this period.
Total Publisher Earnings Total amount earned from net sales of the book in this period, in the customer's local currency. For a more detailed breakdown, see the corresponding sales transaction reports or earnings reports.

Transaction reports

Transaction Date The date of the transaction.
Id A unique identifier for this transaction.
Product Whether the transaction was a purchase or a rental.
  • Single Purchase: A normal sale.
  • Rental: A limited-term rental. The time period of the rental will also be included.
Type The type of transaction.
  • Sale: The book was sold.
  • Refund: The book was returned and refunded.
Preorder Whether this transaction applied to a preorder.
  • Authorized: The buyer preordered the book, and it hasn't yet been delivered. (The report was generated before the book's On Sale Date.)
  • Cancelled: The preorder was cancelled before it was delivered.
  • Fulfilled: The book was preordered and has been delivered.
  • None: The transaction didn't involve a preorder.
Qty The number of units in the transaction. Negative for refunds.
Primary ISBN The primary ISBN or other identifier the book, prefixed by a single quotation mark so spreadsheet programs will display the entire ISBN.
Imprint Name The template used for the book.
Title The title of the book.
Author The author of the book.
List Price Currency The currency of the book's list price. If currency conversion was enabled, this is the currency of purchase as seen by the buyer.
List Price The list price of the book.
Country of Sale The country where the buyer bought the book.
Publisher Revenue % The publisher's percentage of the list price.
Publisher Revenue The amount of revenue earned by the publisher. This will be negative if the transaction was a refund. Negative for refunds. The currency is the same as the payment currency.
Payment Currency The currency of the publisher's earnings.
Payment Amount The amount earned by the publisher for this transaction. Negative for refunds.
Currency Conversion Rate

If the list price and payment amount are in different currencies, the rate of exchange between the two currencies.

Special note for sales in South Korea: Some customers in South Korea must pay for their books in U.S. dollars. For these transactions, even though the report will show a KRW price, the conversion rate shown will be from USD to the partner payment currency.
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