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Templates (default book settings)

Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.

Templates allow you to configure default settings for new books, saving you the effort of providing the same details for each book. For example, you can set a logo for a template, and any books you add to your catalog with that template will automatically use that logo as well.

A default template with common settings is automatically generated when you create your account. The default template settings will be used whenever you add a book without specifying the template. If all your books share the same basic settings, a single template will probably be sufficient for your needs. You can also override template settings for individual books.

Changes to templates only affect new books and do not override settings for existing books, so you should configure your template before adding any books. If you need to make bulk changes to existing books, you can use a spreadsheet.

To view your templates, visit the Book Catalog in your Partner Center account. Click the Advanced button, then select Manage templates. You'll see a list of your existing templates. Click the edit link to view or change details.

Template settings


If all the books under the template will share the same price, you can provide the price on this page. Typically, prices are provided for individual books rather than for templates.

Adding a new price

When you add a new price, you'll see a row with the following text:

Currency Amount for WORLD
  1. Click Currency to enter the currency, formatted as a three-letter ISO 4217 code.

  2. Click Amount to enter the numeric price. To make a book free, enter 0 (zero).

  3. Click the last field (pre-filled with "WORLD") to enter the list of countries where this price should apply. Format the list according to our guidelines, using two-letter ISO 3166 codes or special regional codes (such as WORLD).
    • If currency conversion is enabled (accounts created after July 2014 have this option turned on by default), you can list countries that use a different currency than the one you specified. Your converted prices will be based on your list price. The default value, WORLD, will apply this price to all possible countries.
    • If you're not using the currency conversion tool, you should provide separate list prices in the appropriate currency for each country where you want to sell books.

Click More details to access additional settings:

  • Tax included in price: Check this box if your price is tax-inclusive.

  • I'm subject to Fixed Book Price laws: Check this box if you're subject to fixed book price laws in the countries where this price applies. This option is only available if you indicated that fixed pricing laws apply to one of your sales territories. If you have a sales territory for countries with fixed price laws and a sales territory for other countries, provide separate prices for these sales territories.

  • Optional start and end date for your price: This setting is recommended for use with a new additional price when you already have an existing price. If you wish to schedule a price change in the future, enter the start and end dates for the period when the new price should be in effect. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD. The price will take effect at 00:00 (midnight) on the start date, and expire at 23:59 on the end date, according to the buyer's time zone.
    • Provide prices scheduled for the future at least one day in advance of the start date.
    • You can make the price effective for one day only by using the same date for the start date and end date.
    • To make the new price permanent, leave the end date blank.
    • If you do include an end date and want your book to continue to be available for sale afterward, make sure your book has another price that will take effect immediately afterward.
Deleting a price

To delete a price, click the X in the top right corner of the row. Make sure to save your changes.


Template Name The name of this template.
Collection Code This collection code is automatically generated for new templates and cannot be edited. Use the collection code in ONIX feeds or when mailing books to Google for scanning.
Publisher Name The name of the publisher. This is publicly displayed on Google Books preview pages as "Pages displayed by permission of..."
Apply Defaults Automatically If this box is checked, new books will automatically be published once they have the required files and settings. Uncheck this box if you want to approve book settings manually in the interface, or by sending a metadata record via ONIX or spreadsheet.
Distribution settings

Distribution settings include additional options for selling your book on Google Play.

DRM Enabled Check this box if you wish to apply DRM (Digital Rights Management) to books sold on Google Play.
Show Photos in eBook Check this box if you have the rights to include images in your eBooks. If a book contains a significant number of images, Google can sell it only if this box is checked or if you provide an EPUB file.
Only Display Flowing Text From an ePub I Provided Google has converted selected books into EPUB format. Check this box if Google converted your books but you don't want to use Google's EPUB versions. (You can provide your own EPUB files regardless of this setting.)
Include Scanned Pages Check this box if you wish to sell your books in PDF format.
For mature audiences? Check this box if your books is intended for mature audiences only.
Copy / Paste Percentage Select the percentage of each book that can be copied and pasted by buyers.
Google Search preview settings

The books you submit can be previewed on Google Books, similar to the way a visitor to a physical bookstore can browse through books on the shelves. If you sell books on your website, you can add links to your site for readers who want to buy the entire book.

Preview Type The percentage of the book that can be previewed. Options start at 20% and increase in increments of 10%.
Territories The countries where you have rights to make the books previewable. See our instructions for formatting a list of countries.
Buy Link Text The text of the link that's displayed on Google Books to buy books directly from you.
Buy Link The URL where Google Books users can buy the books directly from you. To point users to the specific purchase page, you may want to use a pattern that will auto-fill the ISBN in the URL.
Publisher Website The URL of the publisher's website. If provided, the publisher name and logo will link to this URL.
Publisher Logo An image of the publisher logo. See the guidelines for logos.
Preview Details Preview Details include two separate settings:
  • Show Photos in Preview. Check this box if you have the rights to display images in your books' previews.
  • PDF Download Allowed. Check this box if you want to make your books available for download as PDF files. This option only applies to books which are 100% previewable (according to the "Preview Type" setting).

Multiple templates

Add a new template

If you need multiple templates, you can create a new one by clicking the Add a new template button while viewing the Manage Templates page.

You select a template when you add an individual book to your catalog, or when you download a template spreadsheet for adding books in bulk. These books will inherit the template settings.

You can see which template was used for a given book by checking the book's label in the Book Catalog list. If you have twenty books or fewer, you'll need to click the book's title, then click the Edit labels button in the upper-right corner to see the label.

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