Add a single book

If you have a large number of books you'd like to add to the Google Books Partner Program at one time, please see our page on adding multiple books.
How to add a book

Provide book settings

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. On your Book Catalog page, click the Add books button, then select Add Book.
  3. Enter the ISBN. You can enter either the 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN. If you don't have an ISBN for the book, check the box labeled This book doesn't have an ISBN or other identifier. Google will assign an internal identifier (prefixed with GGKEY) to your book.
  4. If you have multiple templates in your account, select the template with the default settings you'd like to apply to this book.
  5. Provide as much information as possible about the book.
    • General details include basic bibliographic information.
    • Google Books settings determine how this book will be displayed in Google Books. You may not need to adjust these settings if the template you selected already has the default settings you want for this book.
    • Google Play settings should be configured for books intended for sale on Google Play (available in limited countries).
    • Content files display the upload history for the book and allow you to upload new or updated files.
  6. If you have files ready for this book, follow the steps for uploading the content and cover.
  7. If you're not ready to upload files for this book yet, click the Save button. Books which haven't been activated to go live will display in your Book Catalog with a status of Needs approval.

Upload content and cover files

  1. Go to the Content files page for the book and click the Upload content button.
  2. Click Choose files and select the files for this book from your computer. You can upload multiple files at one time, although each file must be less than 2 GB in size. Please be sure to follow our filename guidelines. Successfully uploaded and processed files will be listed under Content Files, although there may be a processing delay before they appear.

Configure availability

  1. Once you're satisfied with the settings, configure where you'd like the book to be available.
    • Activate and enable for Google Play will display your book both on Google Books and in the Google Play store. This option is available for partners in certain countries.
    • Activate for Google Books will display your book on Google Books, with the full text searchable and the specified percentage available to read online.
    • Deactivate completely will remove this book from your Book Catalog.
  2. Click the Save button to activate your settings. Unless you decided to deactivate the book, it will immediately appear in your Book Catalog and be live within 12 hours.