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Browsing and searching the Book Catalog

You can view the books that you've submitted in the Book Catalog of your Partner Center account. Scroll down to see all your active books, and click a book's title to view details and settings for that specific book. You can also search for a specific book, or filter your catalog to show only a subset of books.

The Book Catalog displays the title, author, identifier (e.g., the ISBN), label (which indicates the template used to provide default settings), and status. If you have twenty or fewer books in your catalog, you won't see the label, but the cover image for each book will be displayed.

Your books appear on the Book Catalog page regardless of whether they're only available for preview on Google Books or they're also being sold on Google Play. Scroll down to view all the active books in your catalog, and click on a title to see more details about that specific book. You can also search for books.

Book status

The Status column gives you basic information about the status of a book in the Partner Program.

  • Live on Google Play
    This book is available for sale in the Google Play store and is also listed on Google Books.

  • Live on Google Books
    This book is previewable on Google Books but isn't available for sale in the Google Play store. This could be because it has not been enabled for sale, or because it's a print book and the digital edition is being sold in the Google Play store as a separate entry in the Book Catalog.

  • Needs Approval
    You've added this book to your account, but you haven't yet indicated that you'd like it to be available either for preview or for sale. Click the book's title in the Book Catalog, then go to the Summary tab to set its availability. (You can avoid this status in the future by adjusting template settings to automatically apply defaults.)

  • Needs Action
    You've indicated that you want this book to be live on Google Books or sold on Google Play, but there's an issue preventing this. Hover your cursor over the status message for more detailed information, then visit our troubleshooting tool to see which actions you need to take. If you don't intend to sell this book or make it available for preview on Google Books, you can deactivate the book to remove it from your Book Catalog.

  • Deactivated
    This book has been removed from the Google Play store and Google Books. Deactivated books only show up if you search for them, not when you're browsing your catalog.

  • Processing
    The book has been recently changed and the system is processing the new settings or files. Check back later for an updated status.

  • Unknown
    There isn't enough information about this book to determine its status at this time. It's likely that the book is being processed and will have an updated status soon.

To search your catalog, click the search box labeled Filter books in the top right corner of the Book Catalog page. By default, your search results will include all books that have an identifier, title, subtitle, or author that matches the search terms you entered. Searches are not case-sensitive, and only complete words are matched (e.g., searching for "shake" will not return books by Shakespeare). The exception is when searching for labels, when the complete label name must be provided and it must match the exact capitalization.

If you export your books after running a search, only the search results will be included in the file.

You can also search specific fields by clicking the triangle icon inside the search box, or using the following keywords.

  • Search by identifier
    Enter a single ISBN or other book identifier in the search box to find the corresponding book. You can also enter a list of identifiers, separated by spaces, to find multiple books. For identifiers that begin with "GGKEY:", include the prefix.

  • Search by title
    To search across your books' titles, enter title: before the keyword. If you want to search for a phrase, include it inside double quotation marks.

    title:"Romeo and Juliet"
  • Search by contributor
    To search across your books' contributors (including authors and other types of contributors), enter author: before the keyword.

  • Search by label (template)
    Labels indicate which template was used for your books (in the previous version of the Partner Center, templates were called imprints). To search across labels, enter label: and include the entire label name in double quotation marks with exact capitalization.

    label:"Default Settings"
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