Send feedback

We appreciate any feedback you provide about the Partner Centre. You can use a tool called Google Feedback to send us your comments, as well as a screenshot.

  1. Activate Google Feedback.
    Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Partner Centre. Select Help from the menu, then Send feedback.

  2. Enter your comments.

  3. Highlight.
    If there are specific parts of the page that are related to your feedback, select Highlight then click and drag your mouse to select a rectangular area. You can highlight more than one area.

  4. Black out.
    Hide any sensitive information by selecting Black out then clicking and dragging your mouse. You can black out multiple areas.

  5. Submit.
    Once you're satisfied with the screenshot that will be generated, click Send.

Take an illustrated tour of Google Feedback.

Although we read every piece of feedback we receive through this tool, we're unable to respond to them all. If you need a response, please write to us using our contact form in one of our supported languages. (You can reach our contact form by clicking the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of any Help Centre page.)

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