Book settings: Google Books settings

Books in the Partner Program are previewable on Google Books. You can edit the preview settings for your books individually, but if you wish to re-use the same settings for multiple books, consider configuring a template.

If you're looking for a way to preview a book before it goes on sale so you can check how it looks on Google Play, add a quality reviewer.
Preview Type The percentage of the book that can be previewed. Options start at 20% and increase in increments of 10%.
Territories The countries where you have rights to make the books previewable. See our instructions for formatting a list of countries.
Buy Link Text The text of the link displayed for Google Books users to purchase the book directly from you.
Buy Link The URL of the link displayed for Google Books users to purchase the book directly from you.
Publisher Website The URL of the publisher's website. If provided, the display name and logo will link to this URL.
Logo An image of the publisher logo. See our guidelines for logos.
Preview Details Preview Details include two separate settings:
  • Show Photos in Preview. Check this box if you have the rights to display images in the book's preview.
  • PDF Download Allowed. Check this box if you want to make your entire book available for download as a PDF file. This option only applies to books which are 100% previewable (according to the "Preview Type" setting).
Preview Availability Date / No Preview Before On Sale Date This setting may be labeled differently depending on other settings:
  • Preview Availability Date. The date before which no preview should be shown for the book.
  • No Preview Before On Sale Date. If your book is enabled for sale, you can check this box to use the On Sale Date (in the Pricing and Distribution settings) as the preview availability date.