The Settings tab

Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.
The page describes the settings found on the Settings tab when viewing a specific book in your catalog. Are you looking for other settings?
  • To edit your book's title, author information, description, or other bibliographic information go to the Metadata tab.
  • To change whether the book is available on Google Books or Google Play, go to the Summary tab.
  • To manage the default settings for new books, edit your templates.

The Partner Center lets you customize how your book appears in a number of ways. To adjust these settings, go to the Book Catalog, click the title of the book you want to configure, and click the Settings tab.

Click the headers below to show or hide descriptions for each type of settings.

Distribution settings

Distribution settings include additional options for selling your book on Google Play.

DRM Enabled Check this box if you want to apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) to your book.
Show Photos in eBook Check this box if you have the rights to include images in the eBook. If a book contains a significant number of images, Google can sell it only if this box is checked or if you provide an EPUB file.
Only Display Flowing Text From an ePub I Provided Google has converted selected books into EPUB format. Check this box if Google converted your book but you don't want to use Google's EPUB version. (You can provide your own EPUB file regardless of this setting.)
Include Scanned Pages Check this box if you wish to sell the book in PDF format.
For mature audiences? Check this box if the book is intended for mature audiences only.
Copy / Paste Percentage The percentage of the book which can be copied and pasted elsewhere by buyers.
Google Search preview settings

The books you submit can be previewed on Google Books, similar to the way a visitor to a physical bookstore can browse through books on the shelves. If you sell the book on your website, you can add a link to the purchase page for readers who want the entire book.

Want to preview a book before it goes on sale? This sort of preview is different from the Google Books preview -- add a quality reviewer instead.
Preview Type The percentage of the book that can be previewed. Options start at 20% and increase in increments of 10%.
Territories The countries where you have rights to make the books previewable. This field is required for all books, and for new books is pre-filled with WORLD. If you don't have worldwide rights, see the instructions for formatting a list of countries, as you'll need to list the countries using their 2-letter ISO 3166 codes.
Buy Link Text The text of the link that's displayed on Google Books to purchase the book directly from you.
Buy Link The URL where Google Books users can purchase the book directly from you. The URL should point to your website rather than to another retailer. (Google Books automatically provides a list of links to Google Play and third-party retailers.)
Publisher Website The URL of the publisher's website. If provided, the publisher name and logo will link to this URL.
Publisher Logo An image of the publisher logo. See the guidelines for logos.
Preview Details Preview Details include two separate settings:
  • Show Photos in Preview. Check this box if you have the rights to display images in the book's preview.
  • PDF Download Allowed. Check this box if you want to make your entire book available for download as a PDF file. This option only applies to books which are 100% previewable (according to the "Preview Type" setting).
Preview Availability Date / No Preview Before On Sale Date This setting may be labeled differently depending on other settings:
  • Preview Availability Date. The date before which no preview should be shown for the book.
  • No Preview Before On Sale Date. If your book is enabled for sale, you can check this box to use the On Sale Date (in the Pricing and Distribution settings) as the preview availability date.
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