Partner Center overview

Welcome to the new Google Play Books Partner Center. Introduced in 2013 to address our partners' most common requests, this updated interface offers a faster and simpler way to submit books to the Partner Program, as well as a number of new features:

* Some features are only available to partners who sell books on Google Play. (See the list of eligible countries.)

We're excited to bring you these changes and hope they provide you with an improved publishing experience. Feel free to use the new feedback function (click the gear icon in the top right corner, then Help, then Send feedback) to share your thoughts or report any issues you encounter.

Click the video below to watch a walkthrough of the Partner Center.

Google Books Partner Interface Walkthrough


The Partner Center consists of several sections:

  • Home
    See how many books you have live and whether any need action on your part.

  • Book Catalog
    Add, upload, and manage your books.

  • Analytics & Reports
    Track previews and sales for your books.

  • Payment Center (available in countries eligible to sell books on Google Play)
    Provide your bank account details, enable currency conversion, and view earnings reports.

  • Account Settings
    Manage additional users and update your contact information.

Depending on your access type, not all of these sections may be visible when you sign in to your account.

Visit the new Partner Center at