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Some features described on this page may not be available, as selling books on Google Play is limited to certain countries.

Prices are required for each book that you wish to sell on Google Play. You can add or edit prices by visiting the Book Catalogue in your Partner Centre account, clicking a book's title, then clicking Prices.

Don't forget that you also need to complete a one-time setup of your account-level payment settings in order to sell books.
Partners who use ONIX: Any changes you make in the Partner Centre should also be made in your ONIX feed, because the next time you send an ONIX feed, the information you provided via ONIX will overwrite your existing settings.


When you add a new price, you'll see a row with the following text:

Currency Amount for WORLD
  1. Click Currency to enter the currency, formatted as a three-letter ISO 4217 code (e.g. USD for U.S. dollars).

  2. Click Amount to enter the numeric price.

  3. Click the last field (pre-filled with "WORLD") to enter the list of countries where this price should apply. Format the list according to our guidelines, using two-letter ISO 3166 codes or special regional codes (such as WORLD).
    • If currency conversion is enabled (accounts created after July 2014 have this option turned on by default), you can list countries that use a different currency than the one you specified. Your converted prices will be based on your list price. The default value, WORLD, will apply this price to all possible countries.
    • If you're not using the currency conversion tool, you should provide separate list prices in the appropriate currency for each country where you want to sell the book.

Click More details to access additional settings:

  • Tax included in price: Tick this box if your price is tax-inclusive. If you leave this box unticked and provide tax-exclusive prices, Google will calculate the appropriate prices to charge to buyers, including applicable taxes.

  • I'm subject to Fixed Book Price laws: Tick this box if you're subject to fixed book price laws in the countries where this price applies. This option is only available if you indicated that fixed pricing laws apply to one of your sales territories. If you have a sales territory for countries with fixed price laws and a sales territory for other countries, provide separate prices for these sales territories.

  • Optional start and end date for your price: This setting is recommended for use with a new additional price when you already have an existing price. If you wish to schedule a price change in the future, enter the start and end dates for the period when the new price should be in effect. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD. The price will take effect at 00:00 (midnight) on the start date, and expire at 23:59 on the end date, according to the buyer's time zone.
    • Provide prices scheduled for the future at least one day in advance of the start date.
    • You can make the price effective for one day only by using the same date for the start date and end date.
    • To make the new price permanent, leave the end date blank.
    • If you do include an end date and want your book to continue to be available for sale afterwards, make sure that your book has another price that will take effect immediately afterwards.
    • For instructions on providing scheduled price changes via ONIX:

Be sure to click Save when you're done adding or editing your prices.

To delete a price, click the X in the top-right corner of the row.

If you've provided a list price but your account shows an error message such as "Pricing information is missing or not applicable," you may need to check the settings in the Payment Centre of your account. Consult our troubleshooter for help with configuring the necessary settings.
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