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Metadata details for a book include basic bibliographic information. Some book settings are specific to Google Books or Google Play. You can edit this information in the book catalog in your Partner Center account. If you wish to make edits for multiple books at once, you can use a spreadsheet.

The ISBN (or other identifier), genre, and title are required, but you should complete as many fields as possible. More data helps readers discover your books.

Partners who use ONIX: Any changes you make in the Partner Center should also be made in your ONIX feed, because the next time you send an ONIX feed, the information you provided via ONIX will overwrite your existing settings.
ISBN or other identifier The ISBN for this edition of the book. If your book doesn't have an ISBN, it'll be assigned a unique identifier by our system. You can't edit this field. If you need to change the identifier, go to the Summary tab and deactivate this book, then add a new book with the correct identifier.
Book format/Format The type of book for this specific ISBN or other identifier. For a new book, this field is prefilled with Ebook by default.
Title The title of the book.
Subtitle The subtitle of the book.
Description A description of the book, such as might be found in back cover copy.

The primary language of the book.

If you use an old Partner Center, use a 3-letter ISO 639-2 code, like eng for English.

If you use a new Partner Center, select a list of languages or start typing a keyword to see matching languages.

Age groups/Minimum age & maximum age The age range of the intended audience for the book.
On sale date Leave this field blank if the book can be made available for sale on Google Play immediately. If the book is under embargo, enter a date in the future to prevent the book from becoming available for sale before that date. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD.


  • This setting doesn’t affect your book's preview availability on Google Books.
  • The steps to change your book's preview availability depend on the version of the Partner Center you're using.

To change this setting:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center.
  2. On the left, click Book Info and thenSettingsand thenShow advanced settings.
  3. Under “Allow preview before on sale date?” click No.
Publication date The publication date of the book. This is bibliographic information and won't affect the book's availability. You can limit visibility of your book based on date in the setting directly above.
Publisher name/Publisher The name of the publisher. This is publicly displayed on Google Books preview pages as "Pages displayed by permission of..."
Page count The number of pages in the book.
Series name If the book belongs to a series, the name of the complete series. Make sure every book in the series contains the exact same series name, including spelling, white space, and punctuation.
Volume in series/Series number

If the book belongs to a series, the volume number of this book in the complete series. If all of the volumes exist in your account with complete numbering, no gaps, and no volume numbers overlap, Play may create a designated page for the series. This page may be eligible for series-related promotional opportunities, like series bundles and notifications.

When a designated page for your series is created, the way Play displays your books will be optimized for the series experience. If any changes you made to series name and series number don't update on the Play Store after 48 hours, ⁠contact us.

Related books ISBNs for other books which are associated with this book. For example, if this book exists in both eBook and physical editions, you should provide the ISBN of the other format. Learn more about how to manage multiple ISBNs.
(New Partner Center only) For mature audiences? Select Yes if the book is for mature audiences only. If you use the old Partner Center, this setting is available in the Settings tab.

Select one subject standard. We recommend Book Industry Subject and Category (BISAC) codes because genres in the Play Store are based on BISAC. You can choose between these standards:

  • BISAC [2018 Edition] (North America)
  • BIC (UK and Australia)
  • WGSneu (Germany)
  • C code (Japan)
  • CLIL (France)
  • UDC (Russia)
  • GKSS (South Korea)
  • Manga (Japan and South Korea)

After you select a subject standard, you can assign genres to a book. To choose the genre of a book, enter a keyword to find genres that match. We recommend you choose a maximum of 3 genres per book. The first genre should be the most relevant to the book. All 3 genres must be from the same standard.

Contributors Contributors typically include (but are not limited to) the author, editor, or illustrator. You can add as many contributors as needed.
Biographical note/Description for contributors Information about the contributors.


Important: A lock icon lock outline indicates that Google has blocked edits to a metadata field that we found to be inaccurate. Please contact us if you believe this is a mistake.

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