Submit tax information for book sales on Google Play

The ability to sell books on Google Play is available to accounts based in a growing number of countries. View the list of currently eligible countries.

You must submit your tax information in order to be paid for books sold on Google Play in the U.S.

To complete the appropriate tax form, sign in to the Partner Center and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Payment Center.
  2. Click the edit link for a payment profile.
  3. Click Billing Profile to load your business information.
  4. Click the Submit Tax Information link.
  5. You will be asked a series of questions to determine which tax form you need to submit. If you already know which form you need, you can bypass these questions by choosing your tax form directly.
  6. You will be brought to the appropriate form. If you need assistance filling out the form, click the link in the upper right corner to view instructions from the IRS website in a new window, or consult your tax advisor.
  7. Once the form is complete and signed, click Submit.

You must submit tax information for each payment profile.